ClassRogue level 2 skill
DescriptionThrow 3 shurikens in a cone.
Mana cost3
1.467 per second (if no cooldown)
Use Duration: 0.75s
Use Delay: 0.13s
Speed Multiplier: 1
Settle Low Priority Ratio: 50%
Scales With: Attack Speed
Scaling TagsPhysicalThrowingDexterity
Per Point of Dexterity:
  • +4% increased Damage
Base Damage16 Physical
Critical Chance5%
Critical Multiplier200%
Added Damage Scaling
Is Hit
Skill Tree Nodes
Shurikens 0
    Throw 3 shurikens in a cone.
    Toxic Tips4
    • Poison Chance +20% per point
    Shurikens has a chance to poison enemies.
    Weighted Projectiles4
    • Physical Penetration +12% per point
    Shurikens penetrates enemy physical resistance.
    Deep Cuts4
    • Bleed Chance +20% per point
    Shurikens has a chance to cause enemies to bleed.
    Scintillant Steel3
    • Damage +5% per point
    • Mana Cost -1 per point
    Shurikens deal more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers), and costs less mana.
    Behind the Veil4
    • Blind Chance +25% per point
    Shurikens has a chance to Blind enemies.
    • Cooldown Recovery Speed +10% per point
    • Haste Duration (seconds) 1 per point
    Shurikens has a shorter cooldown and you gain Haste for a short duration if it hits at least one enemy.
    • Immobilized Duration (seconds) 0.5
    Shurikens Immobilizes enemies on hit, causing them to be unable to move for a short duration.
    • Attack Speed +5% per point
    Shurikens has increased attack speed.
    Charged Steel4
    • Lightning Damage +5 per point
    • Base Damage -> Lightning 25% per point
    Shurikens deals additional lightning damage and a percentage of its base physical damage is converted to Lightning. Consequently this damage scales with increases to lightning damage, but not increases to physical damage. Shurikens gains a Lightning tag. If all its base damage is converted it loses its Physical tag.
    Abrasive Arsenal4
    • Physical Shred Chance +50% per point
    • Poison Shred Chance +50% per point
    Shurikens has a chance to shred enemy physical and poison resistance.
    Bladed Armor3
    • Armor +10% per point
    You have increased armor per Shuriken spinning around you.
    Floating Blades3
    • Duration +15% per point
    Blade Shield lasts longer.
    Ethereal Blades4
    • Pierce Chance +25% per point
    Shurikens has a chance to pierce enemies (continue through targets they hit).
    Jagged Edges4
    • Base Critical Strike Chance +1% per point
    • Hit Damage +7% per point
    Improves Shurikens' base critical strike chance and Shurikens deals more hit damage (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    • Critical Multiplier +25% per point
    Shurikens' critical strikes deal more damage.
    Entry Points3
    • Hit Damage Per Ailment Stack +2% per point
    • Max Bonus Damage 30% per point
    Shurikens hits deal more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) per stack of bleed or poison on the target up to a maximum.
    Keen Throw1
    • Damage Per Shuriken +12%
    Chakram hits deal more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) for each projectile you would release with Shurikens.
    • Speed and Range +17% per point
    Shurikens travel faster and farther. This does not affect Chakram.
    Flip of a Coin1
    • Additonal Shurikens +4
    • Additional Shurikens Chance 50%
    You have a chance to throw many additional Shurikens with each throw.
    Throwing Star1
    • Shurikens All Around You
    Shurikens are now be thrown at enemies all around you rather than in a cone in front of you.
    • Backflip Away
    • Cooldown (seconds) +5
    You backflip away from target direction when you use Shurikens, but it now has a cooldown.
    Shuriken Storm1
    • Shock Chance +100%
    Shurikens shocks enemies on hit.
    • Ricochets +1 per point
    • Pierce Chance -> Critical Multiplier
    • Mana Cost +6 per point
    Shurikens ricochets to different targets up to a maximum number of times, but costs more mana. Pierce chance is converted to additional critical strike multiplier.
    Fan of Blades1
    • Additonal Shurikens +2
    You throw additional Shurikens with each throw.
    Blade Shield1
    • Shurikens Cast Around You
    • Duration (seconds) 3
    You now summon your Shurikens in a shield around you for 3 seconds. This effect does not stack.
    • Shurikens -> Chakram
    • Size +200%
    • Damage +30%
    • Chakram Returns
    You now throw a single returning Chakram instead of multiple Shurikens. Chakram has significant increased size and deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    Deadly Aim1
    • Shurikens In Line
    • Projectiles -50%
    Shurikens are now thrown in a straight line and they can hit the same target, but you throw half as many (rounded up). This has no effect if you have the Blade Shield node.