ClassMage level 15 skill
DescriptionStatic charges up as you move or when you get hit. Activate Static to discharge what you have built up, striking up to 5 nearby enemies with lightning.

100 charges maximum. Deals 4% more damage per charge.
Mana cost15
1.467 per second (if no cooldown)
Use Duration: 0.75s
Use Delay: 0.43s
Speed Multiplier: 1
Settle Low Priority Ratio: 70%
Scales With: Cast Speed
Scaling TagsLightningSpellInstant CastIntelligence
Per Point of Intelligence:
  • +4% increased Damage
Base Damage50 Lightning
Critical Chance5%
Critical Multiplier200%
Added Damage Scaling
Is Hit
Skill Tree Nodes
    Static charges up as you move or when you get hit. Activate Static to discharge what you have built up, striking up to 5 nearby enemies with lightning. 100 charges maximum. Deals 4% more damage per charge.
    High Voltage4
    • Movement Charge Rate +7% per point
    You gain charges faster while moving.
    Shock Armour1
    • Shock Enemies When Hit
    Enemies that hit you are shocked while you have more than 80 charges.
    • Maximum Charges +25 per point
    You have a higher maximum amount of charges.
    • Haste On Discharge
    You gain Haste for 1 second per 50 charges when you discharge.
    • Range Per Charge +0.25% per point
    Discharge has a higher range the more charges you have.
    Critical Mass4
    • Critical Multiplier Over 100 Charges +10% per point
    Discharge’s critical strikes deal more damage if you have over 100 charges when you discharge.
    • Lightning Damage +3 per point
    Discharge deals additional spell lightning damage (doubled if you have at least 80 charges).
    • Base Crit Chance +2% per point
    Improves Discharge’s base critical strike chance.
    Lightning Cleave1
    • Additional Enemy Hit Per 50 Charges
    Discharge hits an additional enemy for every 50 charges you have when you discharge.
    Power Surge1
    • Lightning Damage Per Charge +1
    • Mana Cost Per Charge +1
    Discharge deals additional lightning damage per charge, but Discharge costs more mana per charge.
    • Charges Gained When Hit +1 per point
    You gain more charges when you are hit.
    • Ward Gained Per Charge +0.25 per point
    • Cooldown (seconds) +1 per point
    Discharge grants ward proportional to your charges, but has a longer cooldown.
    Forked Lightning3
    • Enemies Hit +1 per point
    Discharge hits more enemies.
    • Zap Enemies Hit +1 per point
    • Zap Charge Cost +40% per point
    You Zap more enemies each time it is cast, but Zap expends more charges.
    • Base Crit Chance +1% per point
    • Zap Charge Cost -1 per point
    Improves Zap’s base critical strike chance. Zap expends fewer charges.
    • Shocks Enemies
    • Maximum Shock Stacks +1 per point
    Discharge shocks enemies on hit. Each enemy is inflicted with 1 stack of shock for each 50 charges expended, up to a maximum.
    Imbued Lightning5
    • Additional Spell And Melee Lightning Damage +4 per point
    After discharging, your next spell and melee attack deal additional lightning damage.
    Thunder's Wrath5
    • Increased Stun Chance Per Charge 2% per point
    Discharge now has a chance to stun enemies, with a higher chance based the number of charges you have.
    • Knockback Nearby Enemies
    Nearby enemies are knocked back when you discharge.
    Fulminating Blows3
    • Charge On Melee Hit +2 per point
    Your next melee attack grants charges on hit. This effect has a 1 second cooldown.
    • Double Movement Charge Rate
    • Charges Decay While Standing
    You gain charges while moving much faster, but charges decay at your movement charge rate if you stop moving for more than 1 second.
    • Range +100%
    • Limited To Arc Attack
    Discharge has a significantly higher range, but can only hit enemies within a 90 degree arc.
    • Charges Gained On Crit 3
    You gain charges for each enemy you critically strike if you have discharged in the last 3 seconds.
    • Cooldown Reset at Maximum Charges
    Static's cooldown resets when you reach your maximum number of charges.
    • Zap Nearby Enemies
    You Zap a nearby enemy every second while over 80 charges, dealing spell lightning damage and expending 10 charges.
    Unlimited Power1
    • Overload Casts Lightning Blast
    • Overload Charge Cost +5
    • Lightning Blast Cost added to Charge Cost
    • Consumes Mana Equal to Lightning Blast Cost
    The Overload node now casts Lightning Blast instead of Zap. Overload expends additional charges equal to 5 plus Lightning Blast’s mana cost and also consumes mana equal to Lightning Blast's mana cost.