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Summon Frenzy TotemSummon Frenzy Totem
ClassBeastmaster level 25 skill
DescriptionSummons a totem that grants Frenzy to all nearby allies. Frenzy increases attack and cast speed by 20%.
Mana cost18
1.833 per second (if no cooldown)
Use Duration: 0.6s
Use Delay: 0.17s
Speed Multiplier: 1
Settle Low Priority Ratio: 50%
Scales With: Cast Speed
Scaling TagsMinionTotemStrengthAttunement
Minion TagsBuff
Per Point of Strength:
  • +5 Minion Health
Per Point of Attunement:
  • +3 Minion Health
  • 1% undefined Penetration with Frenzy inflicted by Minions
Per Level:
  • +5 Minion Health
NameSummon Frenzy Totem
Frenzy Totem (duration 6s)
Skill Tree Nodes
Frenzy Totem0
    Summons a totem that grants Frenzy to all nearby allies. Frenzy increases attack and cast speed by 20%.
    Reinforced Totem5
    • Health +15% per point
    • Duration +15% per point
    Frenzy Totem has more health (multiplicative with other modifiers) and lasts longer.
    • Area +20% per point
    Frenzy Totem affects allies or enemies in a larger area.
    Healing Pulse4
    • Chance To Cast Eterra's Blessing While In Range 5% per point
    While in range of your Frenzy Totem, you have a chance to cast Eterra's Blessing on a random ally each second.
    Thorn Idol4
    • Percent Of Damage Taken Stored 2% per point
    • Percentage Of Max Health Taken Before Releasing 20% per point
    Frenzy Totem stores a portion of the damage it receives, releasing it as damage dealt to enemies after taking a percent of its maximum health in damage.
    Improved Thorn Idol4
    • Percent Of Player Damage Taken Stored By Totem 1% per point
    Frenzy Totem also stores a percentage of the damage taken by you.
    Lash Out3
    • Ice Thorns Chance When Hit 5% per point
    Frenzy Totem has a chance to cast Ice Thorns when hit by enemies.
    • Mana Cost -10% per point
    • Global Melee Damage +5 per point
    • Frenzy Totem Summoned 1m In Front Of Player
    Frenzy Totem is no longer summoned at your cursor; instead it is always placed 1 meter in the direction you're facing. Frenzy Totem costs less mana and grants additional melee damage.
    Totemic Reach4
    • Tether Range +30% per point
    Frenzy Totem's tether has a higher range.
    Dig Deep5
    • Crit Multiplier while Tethered +18% per point
    You have additional critical strike multiplier while tethered.
    Revitalizing Totem5
    • Health Regen Granted +25% per point
    Allies affected by Frenzy Totem are granted increased health regeneration.
    Symbol of Haste3
    • Haste Duration (Double For Companions) 1 per point
    When you summon Frenzy Totem, you and your companions are granted Haste for a duration (doubled for companions).
    Warding Totem3
    • Companion Physical Resistance +20% per point
    • Companion Elemental Resistance +20% per point
    Companions affected by Frenzy Totem have higher physical and elemental resistance.
    Mortuary Totem2
    • Companion Revival Speed +30% per point
    While affected by Frenzy Totem, you revive downed companions faster.
    Venomous Intent5
    • Global Poison Chance +10% per point
    Allies affected by Frenzy Totem are granted a chance to poison enemies.
    • Increased Frenzy Effect +8% per point
    Frenzy Totem's Frenzy buff is more effective.
    Reckless Frenzy3
    • Buff Duration (Seconds) 2 per point
    • Damage +12%
    • Melee Attack Speed +8%
    • Damage Taken +8%
    When you summon Frenzy Totem you gain a temporary buff that grants you more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) and increased melee attack speed, but also increases the damage you take.
    Bestial Frenzy5
    • Companion Melee Physical Damage +4 per point
    When you summon Frenzy Totem, your companions are granted additional melee physical damage for 4 seconds.
    Lead The Pack5
    • Increased Critical Strike Chance Granted By Wolf Howl 50% per point
    While Frenzy Totem is active, your Wolves' howls also grant increased critical strike chance to you and your allies.
    Venom Spray5
    • Scorpion Venom Nova Area +30% per point
    While Frenzy Totem is active, your Scorpion's Venom Nova hits in a larger area.
    Sloth Totem1
    • Frenzy Totem -> Sloth Totem
    • Frenzy Allies -> Slow Enemies
    • Frenzy Allies -> Enemy Armor Shred
    • Frenzy Effectiveness -> Armor Shred Effectiveness
    Frenzy Totem is now Sloth Totem, which will now slow and reduce the armor of enemies instead of granting Frenzy. Increased effect of frenzy is converted to increased effect of armor shred.
    Dig In3
    • Tethered To Frenzy Totem
    • Damage While Tethered +6% per point
    You are tethered to the totem while you remain within 5 meters of it, and while tethered you deal more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    Symbol of Selflessness1
    • Buff Effect +30%
    • Frenzy Totem Affects Only Companions
    Frenzy Totem's buffs are more effective, but Frenzy Totem now affects only companions.
    Invigorated Renewal1
    • Healing Nova Cast When Companion Is Revived
    Whenever you revive a downed companion, Frenzy Totem casts Healing Nova.
    Furious Cry1
    • Frenzy Totem Refreshes Companion Abilities
    Summoning Frenzy Totem refreshes companion ability cooldowns.
    • Sabertooth Ability Doublecast
    While Frenzy Totem is active, your Sabertooth's Flurry Swipes casts an additional time when used.
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