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Summon Thorn TotemSummon Thorn Totem
ClassPrimalist level 4 skill
DescriptionSummons a totem that fires thorns at nearby enemies. You can have a maximum of two thorn totems by default.
Mana cost18
1.833 per second (if no cooldown)
Use Duration: 0.6s
Use Delay: 0.15s
Speed Multiplier: 1
Settle Low Priority Ratio: 40%
Scales With: Cast Speed
Scaling TagsMinionTotemAttunement
Minion TagsPhysicalSpell
Per Point of Attunement:
  • +6 Minion Health
  • +4% increased Minion Damage
Per Level:
  • +6 Minion Health
NameSummon Thorn Totem
Thorn Totem (duration 6s)
Skill Tree Nodes
Summon Thorn Totem0
    Summons a totem that fires thorns at nearby enemies. You can have a maximum of two thorn totems by default.
    Memories of Eterra3
    • Mana Gain 4 per point
    You regain mana when a thorn totem dies or is unsummoned.
    Totemic Wisdom5
    • Mana Efficiency +15% per point
    Summon Thorn Totem costs less mana.
    Venom Tipped Thorns5
    • Poison Chance +20% per point
    Thorn Totem hits have a chance to poison enemies.
    Lasting Affliction4
    • Poison Duration +12% per point
    • Frostbite Duration +12% per point
    Poison and Frostbite inflicted by Thorn Totem last longer.
    Frost Attunement1
    • Freeze Rate Multiplier +25%
    • Freeze Rate Multiplier Per Point Of Attunement +5%
    Thorn Totem has a higher chance to freeze enemies, and a greater chance to freeze enemies for each point of Attunement you have.
    • Spell Cold Damage +4 per point
    Thorn Totem spells deal additional cold damage.
    On Astral Winds4
    • Spell Damage +18% per point
    • Projectile Speed -10% per point
    Thorn Totems deal more spell damage (multiplicative with other modifiers), but their projectiles travel more slowly.
    Torrent of Thorns3
    • Double Projectiles Chance 7% per point
    Thorn Totems have a chance to release twice as many thorns with each burst.
    Spriggans' Wrath4
    • Maximum Enemies Pierced 1 per point
    Thorn Totem's thorns can pierce enemies up to a maximum
    Ancient Power4
    • Damage +18% per point
    • Cast Speed -5% per point
    Thorn Totems deal more damage, but have less cast speed (both multiplicative with other modifiers).
    • Chance For Double Damage 17% per point
    Thorn Totem's thorns have a chance to deal double damage on hit.
    Shred Armour5
    • Armor Shred Chance +20% per point
    Thorn Totem's thorns have a chance to reduce enemy armor.
    Winged Thorns3
    • Speed and Range +20% per point
    Thorn Totem's thorns travel faster and farther.
    Frenetic Attunement3
    • Summoning Speed +10% per point
    • Thorn Totem Cast Speed +3% per point
    You summon Thorn Totem faster and all Thorn Totems have increased cast speed.
    Oaken Protection5
    • Maximum Health +20% per point
    Thorn Totems have more health (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    Eternal Forest4
    • Duration (seconds) +1 per point
    • Health +15% per point
    Thorn Totems last longer and have more health (multiplicative with other modifiers)
    Lethal Thicket4
    • Increased Crit Chance 50% per point
    • Damage +5% per point
    Thorn Totems have an increased critical strike chance and deal more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    Nightshade Briar1
    • Hit Damage per Poison +4%
    • Maximum Damage Bonus 120%
    Thorn Totem's thorn hits deal more damage per stack of poison on the target (multiplicative with other modifiers) up to a maximum.
    Forested Expanse4
    • Maximum Thorn Totems +1 per point
    • Mana Cost +25% per point
    You can have additional Thorn Totems active, but Summon Thorn Totem costs more mana.
    Grove Mind1
    • Totems Summoned In Ring At Location
    • Maximum Thorn Totems -1
    • Mana Cost Per Additional Totem Summoned +15
    You summon your maximum number of Thorn Totems at once in a ring around the target location, but your maximum number of Thorn Totems is reduced and Summon Thorn Totem costs additional mana per additional totem summoned.
    Rotten Core1
    • Poison Burst On Totem Death
    When Thorn Totems die or are unsummoned they release a Poison Burst, which deals a small amount of physical spell damage on hit and inflicts poison.
    Pillars of Heorot1
    • Base Physical Damage -> Cold Damage 100%
    • Poison -> Frostbite
    • Freeze Rate 30
    Thorn Totem's thorns gain a chance to freeze and 100% of their base physical damage is converted to cold damage. Consequently its damage now scales with your totems' increases to cold damage instead of physical damage. All poison chance is converted to frostbite chance for Thorn Totems.
    Titan's Bane1
    • Increased Cast Speed 150%
    • Accuracy +80%
    • Thorn Hit Damage vs Rares and Bosses +10%
    • Single Projectile
    Thorn Totem's fire only one thorn with each burst, but they have massively increased cast speed, are more accurate with their thorns, and their thorns' hits deal more damage to rare enemies and bosses (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    Guided Thorns1
    • Homing
    • Cast Speed -25%
    Thorn Totem's thorns now seek nearby targets, but Thorn Totem have less cast speed (multiplicative with other modifiers).
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