ClassAcolyte level 9 skill
DescriptionCreates a new body for you at the target location, then detonates your old body to deal physical damage to enemies around it.

Instead of mana, 13% of your current health is consumed to cast this spell.
Mana cost0
Speed ScalerCast Speed
Scaling TagsPhysicalSpellMovementIntelligence
Per Point of Intelligence:
  • +4% increased Damage
NameDetonate Body
Base Damage20 Physical
Critical Chance5%
Critical Multiplier200%
Added Damage Scaling
Is HitYes
Skill Tree Nodes
    Creates a new body for you at the target location, then detonates your old body to deal physical damage to enemies around it. Instead of mana, 13% of your current health is consumed to cast this spell.
    Bone Armor3
    • Bone Armor On Teleport
    • Armour 100 per point
    • Less Damage Taken 4% per point
    When you use Transplant you are granted Bone Armor for 4 seconds, which grants armor and less damage taken (multiplicative with other modifiers). This effect has a 10 second cooldown.
    Plated Bone2
    • Bone Armour Effect +10% per point
    Bone Armor is more effective.
    • Bone Armor Duration (seconds) +1 per point
    Bone Armor lasts longer.
    Last Laugh3
    • Increased Minion Damage +20% per point
    Your minions deal increased damage for 4 seconds when you use Transplant.
    • Bone Minions Last Until Killed
    • Maximum Bone Minions 1
    Bone Minions last until killed, but you may have only 1 active at a time.
    Ivory Court3
    • Maximum Number of Bone Minions +1 per point
    You can summon more Bone Minions.
    Scarlet Rain4
    • Area +30% per point
    Transplant’s detonations deal damage in a larger area.
    Black Mirror2
    • Additional Detonations At Departure +1 per point
    Transplant creates more bodies that detonate where you depart.
    Acolyte's Fervor3
    • Cast Speed +10% per point
    • Health Cost +10% per point
    You have increased cast speed for 4 seconds after arriving, but Transplant costs more health.
    • Additional Detonations At Arrival +1 per point
    Transplant creates additional bodies that detonate on arrival.
    • Bleed Chance +100%
    • Bleed Chance On Self +100%
    Explosions cause enemies to bleed, but using Transplant also causes you to bleed.
    • Health Cost -2% per point
    Transplant costs less health.
    • Pool of Blood Maximum Health Heal +3% per point
    Pools of Blood heal you for a percentage of your total health when you walk on them.
    Dance of Blood3
    • Number Of Rip Bloods Cast +1 per point
    • Health Cost +10% per point
    You automatically cast Rip Blood at enemies nearby where you depart, but Transplant costs more health. An enemy cannot be hit by multiple instances of Rip Blood created this way.
    • Global Increased Damage +5% per point
    • Current Health Lost 1% per point
    You deal increased damage while Transplant is on cooldown, but you lose health when Transplant explosions hit an enemy.
    Pale Blood3
    • Missing Mana Restored +10 per point
    • Cooldown Duration +10% per point
    Transplant restores mana, but has a longer cooldown.
    Flesh Marquis3
    • Detonation Hit Damage +10% per point
    • Cooldown +10% per point
    Transplant detonations deal more damage, but Transplant has a longer cooldown.
    Forced Fruition3
    • Out-Of-Mana Damage +30% per point
    When you are out of mana, Transplant detonations deal more damage.
    Violent Emergence4
    • Kill Threshold 5% per point
    Transplant explosions instantly kill enemies that are below a health threshold (a percentage of their maximum health). If you have a similar effect from an item or passive node, then the highest threshold is used.
    Drink Deep1
    • Health Cost Regenerated
    • Health Cost +50%
    Transplant's health cost is regenerated over 4 seconds, but has a significantly increased health cost.
    • Bone Minion On Transplant
    You leave behind a Bone Minion, which is a temporary melee minion, when you use Transplant, but your previous body no longer detonates. Other detonations still behave normally.
    • Transplant To Minions
    • Sacrifice Minion
    You may Transplant to minions, which sacrifices the minion.
    Ethereal Body1
    • Physical Damage -> Necrotic Damage
    Transplant's base physical damage is converted to necrotic damage. Consequently this damage scales with increases to necrotic damage, but not increases to physical damage.
    • Fear On Departure
    Transplant fears enemies where you depart when you use Transplant.
    • Fear On Arrival
    Transplant fears enemies on arrival.
    Reign of Blood1
    • Additional Detonations At Arrival 1
    Transplant creates an additional body that detonates on arrival.
    Sticky Blood1
    • Detonations Leave Pool Of Blood
    Transplant detonations leave a Pool of Blood for 3 seconds that slows enemies.