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NameAncient Gardeners' Supplies
DescriptionThe Keepers' once tended zealously to the sacred plants to honour the Goddess Eterra
TypeOne-Shot Cache
LocationThe Fortress Gardens
1.Magic Hide Boots
2.Magic Hide Gloves
3.Magic Rowan Wand
4.Hide Boots
Bloom Tender's Short Spear of Stillness and Static
Two-Handed Spear
Range 3
Base Attack Rate 0.98
  • +18 Melee Damage
  • +(2% to 4%) Melee Critical Strike Chance
  • +5% increased Movement Speed
    +(24% to 27%) Poison Resistance
  • 83% to 112% Increased Stun Chance
  • +(32% to 38%) Chance to Shock on Hit
 Requires Level 3
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