Ancient Gardeners' SuppliesThe Keepers' once tended zealously to the sacred plants to honour the Goddess EterraOne-Shot CacheThe Fortress Gardens (lvl 3)
Keepers' ContingencyPreparations for a last stand if the vault were ever breachedOne-Shot CacheThe Keepers' Vault (lvl 5)
Renegade's StashNot all of Rahyeh's soldiers are without conscienceOne-Shot CacheUlatri Highlands (lvl 6)
Orian's War SuppliesWeapons forged to take the shards by forceOne-Shot CacheThe Osprix Warcamp (lvl 7)
Last Hermit's CacheThe remains of a life of solitude beyond the refugeOne-Shot CacheThe Shrouded Ridge (lvl 14)
Looters' HaulThe ancient statues ceaselessly guard the temples relics and its secretsOne-Shot CacheThe Courtyard (lvl 21)
Cave Druid's TombNone now tend to the gardens belowOne-Shot CacheWelryn Outskirts (lvl 23)
Stargazer's CollectionThe circle of fortune once looked up above the clear skies of the desertOne-Shot CacheTitan's Canyon (lvl 36)
Timelost Outcast's Remains"I can't see the imperials anymore, but the air is strange here, and it's cold, so cold..."One-Shot CacheThe Tundra (lvl 46)
Defiant Mage's StashArtefacts taken from the college of Welryn to keep them safe from Rahyeh's talonsOne-Shot CacheEtendell (lvl 51)
Navigator's WaycacheSupplies and instruments carefully stashes should they be needed for journies beyondOne-Shot CacheLagon's Isle (lvl 51)
Chronomancer's SuppliesInstruments for the research of chronomancy waylaid on their way from Vul'KaurOne-Shot CacheThe Crossroads (lvl 53)
Archwizard's CacheInstruments of deepest arcanity horded for a forgotten purposeLost Cache
Astrologer's CacheEquipment suitable for studying the starsLost Cache
Celestial Prophet's CacheThe future dances among the flickering starsLost Cache
Divine Guardian's CacheFused faith and steel that once protected the righteousLost Cache
Explorer's CachePreparations for an excursion never takenLost Cache
Great Runesmith's CacheThe tools of a great runesmith from a bygone ageLost Cache
Great Thief's CacheThe prizes of many coffers and the tools with which they were claimedLost Cache
Great Warrior's CacheA horde of weapons claimed from mighty foesLost Cache
Great Wizard's CacheInstruments of great power horded for a greater ambitionLost Cache
Lost Guardian's CacheA cache of armour that has long outlasted those it was meant to protectLost Cache
Lost Lizard's CacheImplements of lizardry assembled for a long forgotten purposeLost Cache
Lost Runesmith's CacheA horde of runes and glyphs as yet unusedLost Cache
Lost Thief's CacheStolen trinkets and tools of the trade stashed and never reclaimedLost Cache
Lost Warrior's CacheA horde of weapons long forgottenLost Cache
Lost Wizard's CacheImplements of magic assembled for a long forgotten purposeLost Cache
Master Runesmith's CacheInstruments of ascendance collected for a greater purposeLost Cache
Merchant's CacheTreasures as yet unsoldLost Cache
Pontifex's CacheAn ardour of exaltation pervades these powerful artefactsLost Cache
Shrine Guardian's CacheThe zeal of forgotten defenders lingers in this ancient armourLost Cache
Thief Lord's CacheWealth is power and guile begets wealthLost Cache
Trade Prince's CacheRiches wrought through mercantile skillLost Cache
Warrior Queen's CacheA horde of weapons stand testament to conquests long pastLost Cache
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