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NameNavigator's Waycache
DescriptionSupplies and instruments carefully stashes should they be needed for journies beyond
TypeOne-Shot Cache
LocationLagon's Isle
1.Rare Travelling Staff
2.Rare Ancient Scroll
3.Rare Hunting Knife
4.Rare Leatherbound Tome
5.Intelligence shard
6.Attunement shard
7.Rare Dragonhorn Wand
8.Intelligence shard
9.Attunement shard
10.Intelligence shard
11.Attunement shard
Ucenui Shade's Astrolabe of Evasion and Tenacity
Off-Hand Catalyst
  • +(8 to 15) Intelligence
  • +(15% to 25%) of Mana Spent Gained as Ward
  • +(10% to 15%) increased Mana Regen
  • +10% Cold Penetration
    +10% Lightning Penetration
  • +(12% to 13%) increased Cast Speed
  • +(30 to 42) Dodge Rating
  • +(247 to 351) Stun Avoidance
 Requires Level 50
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