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NameOrian's War Supplies
DescriptionWeapons forged to take the shards by force
TypeOne-Shot Cache
LocationThe Osprix Warcamp
1.Magic Broadsword
2.Rare Maul
3.Magic Bastard Sword
4.Magic Great Mace
5.Magic Broadsword
Orian's Dark Pike of Conflagration and Lethargy
Two-Handed Spear
Range 3
Base Attack Rate 0.94
  • +26 Melee Damage
  • +(8 to 10) Spell Fire Damage
    +(23% to 25%) Chance to cast Fire Aura on Kill with Fire Skills (1 second cooldown)
  • +(13 to 18) Melee Void Damage
  • +(32% to 38%) Chance to Ignite on Hit
  • +(32% to 38%) Chance to Slow on Hit
 Requires Level 6
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