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NameTimelost Outcast's Remains
Description"I can't see the imperials anymore, but the air is strange here, and it's cold, so cold..."
TypeOne-Shot Cache
LocationThe Tundra
1.Rare Outcast Coat
2.Rare Outcast Gloves
3.Rare Leather Belt
4.Rare Outcast Boots
5.Necrotic Resistance shard
6.Small Eterran Idol
7.Humble Eterran Idol
8.Necrotic Resistance shard
9.Soulfire Bastion Key
10.Rare Recurve Bow
Honed Swift Light Quiver of the Timelost Outcast and Acid
  • +(5% to 10%) increased Bow Attack Speed
  • 8% less Necrotic Damage Taken
    +8% more Cold Damage Taken
  • +(10 to 12) Bow Physical Damage
  • +(10% to 11%) increased Bow Attack Speed
  • +(20% to 30%) Chance to Shred Armour on Hit
 Requires Level 46
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