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Boss FightHarbingerExclusive Echo RewardsStability Needed for Boss Fight
(Normal / Empowered difficulty)
Fall of the Outcasts58The AbominationHarbinger of DefilementBows, Quivers240 / 800
The Stolen Lance62God Hunter ArgentusHarbinger of PrideWands, Sceptres, Staves, Catalysts250 / 800
The Black Sun66Rahyeh, The Black SunHarbinger of HatredHelmets, Shields250 / 800
Blood, Frost, and Death70Formosus the UndyingHarbinger of WarBody Armour300 / 800
Ending the Storm75LagonHarbinger of ChaosGloves320 / 850
Fall of the Empire80Harton's HuskHarbinger of TreasonBelts320 / 850
Reign of Dragons85Emperor of CorpsesHarbinger of DestructionSwords, Axes, Maces, Daggers, Spears400 / 850
The Last Ruin90The Husk of Elder GasparHarbinger of FearRelics400 / 900
The Age of Winter90HeorotHarbinger of TyrannyRings, Amulets400 / 900
Spirits of Fire90Bhuldar, Herkir & LogiHarbinger of AshBoots400 / 900
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