RequirementsFall of the Outcasts | Fall of the Outcasts
Min Corruption0
Max Corruption50
Max Stability550
Blessings (slot 1)
(drop chance)
Memory of LightMemory of Light
+(30 to 42) Health
Echo of SolarumEcho of Solarum
+(25% to 40%) Void Resistance
Shadow of the EclipseShadow of the Eclipse
+(40 to 60) Dodge Rating
Blessings (slots 2 & 3)
(drop chance)
Wrath of RahyehWrath of Rahyeh
+(1.2% to 2%) of Throwing Damage Leeched as Health
Whisper of OrobyssWhisper of Orobyss
+(40% to 60%) increased Void Damage
Flames of the Black SunFlames of the Black Sun
+(40% to 60%) Chance to Ignite on Hit
Hunger of the VoidHunger of the Void
+(1.2% to 2%) of Spell Damage Leeched as Health
Strength of the MountainStrength of the Mountain
10 to 14 Health Gain on Block
Winds of OblivionWinds of Oblivion
+(30% to 50%) increased Critical Strike Chance
Depths of InfinityDepths of Infinity
+(10% to 20%) Chance to Shred Void Resistance on Hit
Greed of DarknessGreed of Darkness
6 to 10 Ward Gain on Kill
+(60 to 100) Ward Decay Threshold
Emptiness of AshEmptiness of Ash
+(20% to 26%) Critical Strike Multiplier
Thirst of the SunThirst of the Sun
20% to 30% Increased Leech Rate
RequirementsFinish level 90 timelines
Min Corruption100
Max Corruption-
Max Stability1600
Blessings (slot 1)
(drop chance)
Grand Memory of LightGrand Memory of Light
+(45 to 70) Health
Grand Echo of SolarumGrand Echo of Solarum
+(55% to 75%) Void Resistance
Grand Shadow of the EclipseGrand Shadow of the Eclipse
+(61 to 100) Dodge Rating
Blessings (slots 2 & 3)
(drop chance)
Grand Wrath of RahyehGrand Wrath of Rahyeh
+(2.2% to 3.5%) of Throwing Damage Leeched as Health
Grand Whisper of OrobyssGrand Whisper of Orobyss
+(65% to 100%) increased Void Damage
Grand Flames of the Black SunGrand Flames of the Black Sun
+(65% to 100%) Chance to Ignite on Hit
Grand Hunger of the VoidGrand Hunger of the Void
+(2.2% to 3.5%) of Spell Damage Leeched as Health
Grand Strength of the MountainGrand Strength of the Mountain
15 to 22 Health Gain on Block
Grand Winds of OblivionGrand Winds of Oblivion
+(51% to 80%) increased Critical Strike Chance
Grand Depths of InfinityGrand Depths of Infinity
+(25% to 50%) Chance to Shred Void Resistance on Hit
Grand Greed of DarknessGrand Greed of Darkness
12 to 18 Ward Gain on Kill
+(120 to 200) Ward Decay Threshold
Grand Emptiness of AshGrand Emptiness of Ash
+(27% to 40%) Critical Strike Multiplier
Grand Thirst of the SunGrand Thirst of the Sun
35% to 50% Increased Leech Rate
Boss Fight & Loot
Rahyeh, The Black Sun(Damage Types: Physical, Void)
Unique Noble Gloves
  • +28 Armor
  • +(7% to 14%) increased Mana Regen
  • 20% to 40% Increased Time Rot Duration
  • +(20% to 40%) Chance to Slow on Hit
  • 100% to 200% Increased Slow Duration
  • 20% to 40% Chance to Slow Attackers
  • +(20 to 25)% Penetration against All Resistances for Damage Over Time
Rust and corrosion stand as monuments to the inevitability of time.
Effective Level for Legendary Potential: 64
LP1 Chance: 21.7%
LP2 Chance: 1.94%
LP3 Chance: 0.0522%
LP4 Chance: 0.0000503%
Dropped By:
Rahyeh, The Black Sun (common, 50% chance)Requires Level 64
Dark Shroud of Cinders
Body Armour
Unique Copper Plate
  • +114 Armor
  • +(5% to 14%) Lightning Resistance
  • +(17% to 25%) Chance to Blind on Hit
  • +(7 to 12) Spell Void Damage
  • +(12% to 17%) increased Fire Cast Speed
  • +(17% to 25%) Chance to cast Fire Aura when Hit (1 second cooldown)
  • 30% to 50% Increased Void Damage per Fire Aura
Fire Aura
Deals fire damage in an area around you. Can be converted to cold or lightning.
Base Damage: 14 Fire
Scaling Tags: Fire, Spell, DoT, Area, Intelligence
The dying embers of a god swiling around a blackened cloak.
Effective Level for Legendary Potential: 66
LP1 Chance: 20.8%
LP2 Chance: 1.73%
LP3 Chance: 0.0422%
LP4 Chance: 0.0000329%
Dropped By:
Rahyeh, The Black Sun (common, 50% chance)Requires Level 66
Eternal Eclipse
Two-Handed Sword
Unique Khopesh
Range 2.4
Base Attack Rate 1.1
  • +50 Melee Damage
  • +40% Fire Resistance
  • +(200% to 240%) increased Fire Damage
  • Every 2 seconds your next Fire Melee Attack has +(200 to 240) Melee Void Damage and +(200 to 240)% Time Rot Chance
  • Every 2 seconds your next Void Melee Attack has +(200 to 240) Melee Fire Damage and +(200 to 240)% Ignite Chance
  • +(200% to 240%) increased Void Damage
  • +40% Void Resistance
The triumph of man and osprix culminates upon the altar of Solarum. A frail sun rises behind an illuminable shadow, spreading a corona of half light upon the ruined world beneath. This feeble shadow is no salvation from the end, but only from the hope of what might have been.
Effective Level for Legendary Potential: 90
LP1 Chance: 10.2%
LP2 Chance: 0.256%
LP3 Chance: 0.00133%
LP4 Chance: 3.43e-8%
Dropped By:
Rahyeh, The Black Sun (rare)Requires Level 72
The Confluence of Fate
Unique Oracle Amulet
  • 6% to 20% less Damage Over Time Taken
  • +(13 to 18) Spell Fire Damage
  • +(5% to 13%) increased Fire Damage Taken on Hit
  • +(13 to 18) Spell Necrotic Damage
  • +(5% to 13%) increased Necrotic Damage Taken on Hit
  • +(13 to 18) Spell Void Damage
  • +(5% to 13%) increased Void Damage Taken on Hit
The fall of Eterra is inevitable, as it always has been.
Effective Level for Legendary Potential: 50
LP1 Chance: 27.5%
LP2 Chance: 3.96%
LP3 Chance: 0.194%
LP4 Chance: 0.000682%
Dropped By:
Rahyeh, The Black Sun (rare, empowered only)Requires Level 81
Inc Rarity
Inc XP
All Resistances 10%5%enemies have +25% to all resistances.
Armour Shred 18%10%enemies have a 35% chance to shred armour on hit
Crit Avoidance and Inc Health 10%6%enemies have 35% critical strike avoidance and 15% increased health
Damage And Crit 15%10%enemies deal 12% increased damage and have 200% increased critical strike chance
Damage And Movespeed 15%10%enemies have 15% increased movement speed and damage
Damage On High Health 12%8%High health enemies deal 25% increased damage
Dodge 15%5%enemies have a chance to dodge
DR On High Health 10%8%High health enemies take 25% less damage
Endurance 12%8%Enemies have 30% Endurance
Enrages 40%40%enemies enrage at half health
Focused 15%10%enemies have 25% increased health and focus on attacking players
Gains Frenzy And Haste When Hit18%5%enemies gain Frenzy and Haste when hit
Glancing Blow 15%5%enemies have a 50% chance to receive a Glancing Blow when hit
Inc Damage 15%10%enemies deal 20% increased damage
Inc Damage And Health 25%15%enemies have 18% increased health and damage
Inc Health 8%12%enemies have 30% increased health
Inc Physical Damage 15%5%enemies deal 25% increased physical damage
Rare Cooldown 12%6%Rare enemies have 50% increased cooldown recovery speed
Rare Crit Until Approached 12%8%Rare enemies have high speed and crit chance until approached
Rare Inc Damage And Health 10%10%Rare enemies have 35% increased health and damage
Slow Chance 8%12%enemies have a 18% chance to slow on hit
Void Enemy Damage 12%12%Void enemies deal 25% increased damage
Exclusive Echo Rewards
Quest #Quest 1
ZoneThe Fall of Ledria
descriptionIn this timeline, the Void attacks the world before much of humanity was able to escape. Instead, more of the Fallen Osprix survived and plan to use the Void for nefarious purposes. The Fallen Osprix and Void cultists have descended upon the town of Ledria.
Stability (normal)50
Stability (empowered)150
Quest #Quest 2
ZoneThe Dark Ascent
descriptionIn this timeline, the Void attacks the world before much of humanity was able to escape. Instead, more of the Fallen Osprix survived and plan to use the Void to bring back their god. Scale the mountain and confront the cultists and Fallen Osprix before they can resurrect Rahyeh.
Stability (normal)150
Stability (empowered)450
Quest #Quest 3
ZoneThe Ruins of Solarum
descriptionIn this timeline, the Void attacks the world before much of humanity was able to escape. Instead, more of the Fallen Osprix survived and use the Void to summon their god. Rahyeh's husk soars above the waning world like a black sun. Forestall the end. Slay Rahyeh.
Stability (normal)250
Stability (empowered)800
Zones & Enemies
ZonesBarren Slums, Bleak Steppe, Buried City, Burned Fields, Devoured Armoury, Devoured Sanctum, Fallen Refuge, Flooded Cavern, Forgotten Graves, Forsaken Hamlet, Lightless Pits, Lost Catacombs, Preserved Sanctuary, Ruined City, Ruined Shrine, Sealed Archive, Sheltered Abyss, Shrouded Plateau, Sunless Coast, Underground Palace, Wrecked Fleet
Arena ZonesAbandoned Arena, Abyssal Arena, Docklands Arena, Solarum Arena, Tower Arena
Common EnemiesAbyssal Crawler, Armored Phoenix, Ascendant Embermage, Ascendant Raider, Bitterwing, Black Wolf, Cave Bear, Cave Lurker, Cave Scorpion, Chitid, Consumed Grole, Covenant of Dominion, Crabling, Crested Ascendant, Crimson Scorpion, Crockroach, Dark Seer, Decaying Fanatic, Decaying Spriggan, Deep Chyrean, Devoured Husk, Drowned Husk, Drowned Visage, Dusk Spider, Eber, Eye of Rahyeh, Fallen Osprix, Fallen Osprix, Festering Cultist, Flame Gryphon, Frail Harvester, Giant Rat, Giant Scorpion, Gulamander, Highland Bear, Hollow Druant, Jahith Bear, Lake Beetle, Lithrac, Loctis, Lumoraan, Magma Gorn, Marsh Beetle, Oblivion Crawler, Osprix Lightmage, Osprix Raider, Osprix Vanguard, Osprix Warrior, Phrax, Quill Hog, Ravenous Voidform, Rime Giant, Rotfly, Ruin Skuttler, Rustland Stalker, Sand Scorpion, Scarab, Scorched Crawler, Shell Hound, Skullen Pyromancer, Sleet Weaver, Smoldering Lithrac, Solar Archer, Solar Ascendant, Solar Invader, Sprouting Husk, Starving Myrcfoot, The Effigy of Oblivion, Thuluraan, Ulatri Scavenger, Umbral Crawler, Umbral Pursuer, Unseeing, Venom Weaver, Void Cultist, Void Despair, Void Drone, Void Flayer, Void Grub, Void Leech, Void Maggot, Void Maul, Void Prophet, Void Thrall, Void Touched Archivist, Void Touched Grole, Void Touched Scholar, Void Touched Spriggan, Void Worm, Void Zealot, Voidfire Maggot, Voidform, Voidfused Earth, Voidstone Scorpion, Voidwing, Voidwing Nest, Volatile 'Maw, Volatile 'Maw, Waste Maggot, Weathered Statue, Winged Fire, Zealos Adherent
Rare EnemiesBolroth, Giant Crab, Gorgon, Marsh Beetle Queen, Siege Engineer, Storm Crawler, Void Centipede, Void Horror, Voidfused Armor, Voidfused Statue
Very Rare EnemiesForged Soldier, Siege Golem
BossesArgolos The Blessed, Brightblade Palarus, Emperor's Remains, Haruspex Orian, Oracle of the Black Sun, Orchirian The Rampant, Ortra'ek the Survivor, Primeval Dragon, Prophet of Ruin, Sturiax the Burning Sky, Temple Guardian, The Husk of Elder Pannion, Thunder Dragon, Uulikos The Betrayer, Void Amalgamation, Voidfused Forge, Voidfused Sorcerer
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