RequirementsReign of Dragons
Min Corruption0
Max Corruption50
Max Stability1000
Blessings (slot 1)
(drop chance)
Heart of the CalderaHeart of the Caldera
+(25% to 40%) Fire Resistance
Body of ObsidianBody of Obsidian
+(120 to 180) Armor
Curse of SulphurCurse of Sulphur
+(20% to 35%) Chance to apply Frailty on Hit
Blessings (slots 2 & 3)
(drop chance)
Embers of ImmortalityEmbers of Immortality
+(10% to 14%) Endurance
Swiftness of LogiSwiftness of Logi
+(15% to 35%) increased Dodge Rating
Breath of CindersBreath of Cinders
+(10% to 20%) Chance to Shred Fire Resistance on Hit
Promise of DeathPromise of Death
+(10% to 20%) Chance to Shred Necrotic Resistance on Hit
Spirit of CommandSpirit of Command
+(40% to 60%) increased Minion Damage
Might of BhuldarMight of Bhuldar
20% to 30% Increased Stun Duration
Flames of CalamityFlames of Calamity
+(40% to 60%) increased Fire Damage
Patience of HerkirPatience of Herkir
+(200 to 350) Armor While Channelling
RequirementsFinish level 90 timelines
Min Corruption100
Max Corruption-
Max Stability1800
Blessings (slot 1)
(drop chance)
Grand Heart of the CalderaGrand Heart of the Caldera
+(55% to 75%) Fire Resistance
Grand Body of ObsidianGrand Body of Obsidian
+(200 to 320) Armor
Grand Curse of SulphurGrand Curse of Sulphur
+(40% to 60%) Chance to apply Frailty on Hit
Blessings (slots 2 & 3)
(drop chance)
Grand Embers of ImmortalityGrand Embers of Immortality
+(18% to 30%) Endurance
Grand Swiftness of LogiGrand Swiftness of Logi
+(40% to 70%) increased Dodge Rating
Grand Breath of CindersGrand Breath of Cinders
+(25% to 50%) Chance to Shred Fire Resistance on Hit
Grand Promise of DeathGrand Promise of Death
+(25% to 50%) Chance to Shred Necrotic Resistance on Hit
Grand Spirit of CommandGrand Spirit of Command
+(65% to 100%) increased Minion Damage
Grand Might of BhuldarGrand Might of Bhuldar
32% to 50% Increased Stun Duration
Grand Flames of CalamityGrand Flames of Calamity
+(65% to 100%) increased Fire Damage
Grand Patience of HerkirGrand Patience of Herkir
+(400 to 650) Armor While Channelling
Boss Fight & Loot
Bhuldar, Herkir & Logi(Damage Types: Fire, Necrotic)
Bhuldar's Wrath
Two-Handed Mace
Unique Titan Femur
Range 2.4
Base Attack Rate 0.88
  • +96 Melee Damage
  • +(16 to 32) Strength
  • +(65 to 90) Melee Fire Damage
  • +(200% to 400%) Chance to Shred Armour on Hit
  • 100% Chance to use Earthquake after using a Non-Channelled Movement Ability every 5 seconds
  • Earthquake is Converted To Fire
  • 100% of Armour Shred Chance Converted to Ignite Chance for Earthquake
Slam the ground with your weapon damaging enemies in a large area and creating 2 to 4 aftershocks nearby.
Base Damage: 2 Physical
Scaling Tags: Physical, Melee, Area, Strength, Attunement
Shatter! Erupt! This world is only a prison for the immortal flame.
Effective Level for Legendary Potential: 90
LP1 Chance: 10.2%
LP2 Chance: 0.256%
LP3 Chance: 0.00133%
LP4 Chance: 3.43e-8%
Dropped By:
Bhuldar, Herkir & Logi (common, 50% chance)Requires Level 76
Herkir's Vessel
Unique Copper Chalice
  • +(2 to 3) Health Regen
  • +(60% to 100%) increased Fire Damage
  • +(60 to 100) Health Gained on Potion Use
  • +(6 to 10) Spell Fire Damage for 4 seconds when you use a Potion
  • 100% Chance to cast Fire Aura on Potion Use
  • 30% to 60% Increased Fire Aura Area
Fire Aura
Deals fire damage in an area around you. Can be converted to cold or lightning.
Base Damage: 14 Fire
Scaling Tags: Fire, Spell, DoT, Area, Intelligence
Drink deep of the flame, brothers... Immortality awaits.
Effective Level for Legendary Potential: 76
LP1 Chance: 16.4%
LP2 Chance: 0.893%
LP3 Chance: 0.0127%
LP4 Chance: 0.00000301%
Dropped By:
Bhuldar, Herkir & Logi (common, 50% chance)Requires Level 76
Logi's Hunger
Unique Bone Amulet
  • +(13% to 40%) Physical Resistance
  • +(13% to 40%) Necrotic Resistance
  • +(2% to 3%) Fire Critical Strike Chance
  • +(5% to 8%) of Fire Damage Leeched as Health on Crit
  • 50% to 80% Increased Leech Rate
  • +(2% to 3%) Minion Critical Strike Chance
  • +2 to Fire Minion Skills
Rise! Through fire we are reborn.
Effective Level for Legendary Potential: 82
LP1 Chance: 13.7%
LP2 Chance: 0.554%
LP3 Chance: 0.00535%
LP4 Chance: 5.43e-7%
Dropped By:
Bhuldar, Herkir & Logi (rare)Requires Level 82
Trinity of Flames
Adorned Idol
Unique Adorned Volcano Idol
  • Every 3rd fire spell you cast is guaranteed to crit, but has 36% less critical strike multiplier (multiplicative with other modifiers)
  • +(12% to 16%) increased Spell Fire Damage
  • +(12% to 16%) Chance to Ignite on Hit
Three souls to nourish an unquenchable flame.
Dropped By:
Bhuldar, Herkir & Logi (rare, empowered only)Requires Level 1
Inc Rarity
Inc XP
All Resistances 10%5%enemies have +25% to all resistances.
Armour Shred 18%10%enemies have a 35% chance to shred armour on hit
Crit Avoidance and Inc Health 10%6%enemies have 35% critical strike avoidance and 15% increased health
Damage And Crit 15%10%enemies deal 12% increased damage and have 200% increased critical strike chance
Damage And Movespeed 15%10%enemies have 15% increased movement speed and damage
Damage On High Health 12%8%High health enemies deal 25% increased damage
Deadly if not damaged recently 40%40%enemies are Deadly if they have not been damaged recently
Dodge 15%5%enemies have a chance to dodge
DR On High Health 10%8%High health enemies take 25% less damage
Endurance 12%8%Enemies have 30% Endurance
Enrages 40%40%enemies enrage at half health
Focused 15%10%enemies have 25% increased health and focus on attacking players
Glancing Blow 15%5%enemies have a 50% chance to receive a Glancing Blow when hit
Inc Damage 15%10%enemies deal 20% increased damage
Inc Damage And Health 25%15%enemies have 18% increased health and damage
Inc Elemental Damage 16%4%enemies deal 25% increased elemental damage
Inc Health 8%12%enemies have 30% increased health
Mark For Death 5%10%enemies have a 40% chance to apply Mark for Death on hit
Slow Chance 8%12%enemies have a 18% chance to slow on hit
Undead Enemy Damage 12%12%Undead enemies have 20% increased damage and health
Exclusive Echo Rewards
Quest #Quest 1
ZoneAsh Covered Maj'Elka
descriptionIn this timeline, the Immortal Shamans rule with necromancy and fire. They have brought destruction to Maj’elka, and soon to the rest of Eterra.
Stability (normal)50
Stability (empowered)150
Quest #Quest 2
ZoneThe Magma Caverns
descriptionIn this timeline, the Immortal Shamans rule with necromancy and fire. Their minions toil in the fires below in an apocalyptic ritual.
Stability (normal)220
Stability (empowered)450
Quest #Quest 3
ZoneThe Caldera of Souls
descriptionIn this timeline, the Immortal Shamans, Bhuldar, Herkir, and Logi, stand atop the caldera. Their world-shattering ritual is nearly complete.
Stability (normal)400
Stability (empowered)900
Zones & Enemies
ZonesArid Wastes, Barren Slums, Bleak Steppe, Bloodworks, Burned Fields, Canyon Stronghold, Defiled Valley, Desert Canyons, Fallen Harbour, Festering Sewers, Forlorn Streets, Frozen Sea, Harvested Titan, Haunted Reef, Hidden Oasis, Imperial Metropolis, Imperial Warcamp, Mudflats, Necropolis Caverns, Necropolis Streets, Ritual Lake, Rotting Fortress, Sandswept Temple, Serpentine Desert, Sinking City, Snowbound City, Twisted Mire, Volcanic City, Waste Pools
Arena ZonesDesert Arena, Magma Arena, Rustlands Arena, Sanctuary Arena, Woodland Arena
Common EnemiesArmored Phoenix, Black Wolf, Blood Asp, Bone Cairn, Bone Pyre, Bone Scavenger, Bone Sculptor, Cave Bear, Cave Lurker, Cave Scorpion, Chitid, Covenant of Dominion, Crested Ascendant, Crimson Scorpion, Crockroach, Desecrated Flesh, Desert Skullen, Desert Spitter, Desert Stinger, Desiccated Corpse, Drowned Raven, Drowned Raven, Dune Wraith, Dusk Spider, Eastern Archyrean, Eastern Chyrean, Eber, Eye of Rahyeh, Fallen Osprix, Fallen Osprix, Flame Gryphon, Giant Rat, Giant Scorpion, Gulamander, Headless Dreg, Highland Bear, Immortal Eye, Immortal Firebrand, Immortal Overseer, Imperial Arbalest, Imperial Assassin, Imperial Deadeye, Imperial Guard, Imperial Halberdier, Imperial Hoplite, Imperial Mariner, Imperial Navigator, Imperial Necromancer, Imperial Scholar, Imperial Scout, Imperial Sentry, Imperial Shadow, Imperial Watcher, Imperial Woodsman, Jahith Bear, Jewelled Skuttler, Lithrac, Loctis, Magma Gorn, Mummified Nagasa, Necropolis Wretch, Occultist, Osprix Lightmage, Osprix Raider, Osprix Vanguard, Osprix Warrior, Phrax, Profane Flesh, Quill Hog, Rotfly, Rotting Hound, Ruin Skuttler, Rustland Stalker, Sacred Bloom, Sand Scorpion, Scarab, Scavenger Mimic, Scorched Crawler, Sewer Dweller, Skullen Chucker, Skullen Pyromancer, Slaughtered Thrall, Smoldering Lithrac, Solar Ascendant, Soul Binder, Spine Hunter, Storm Remnant, Storm Wisp, Swamp Fiend, Transfusion Casket, Undead Hydra, Undead Wengari, Venom Weaver, Volatile 'Maw, Volatile 'Maw, Volcanic Pyromancer, Waste Maggot, Weathered Statue, Winged Carrion, Winged Fire, Wisp, Wraith Binder, Zerrick's Hand, Zombie Hound
Rare EnemiesBlood Gorgon, Bolroth, Crystal Elemental, Gorgon, Mortal Hunter, Soul Cage, Soul Warden, Storm Cage, The Stygian Warden, Titan Leech, War Tomb
Very Rare EnemiesForged Soldier, Siege Golem, Spine Hunter Alpha
BossesAdmiral Harton, Argolos The Blessed, Bone Furnace, Brightblade Palarus, Crystal Lotus, Flame Guard Sulla, Haruspex Orian, Headhunter Lavian, Infernal Flesh, Inquisitor Captain Nerva, Oracle of the Black Sun, Praetor Taranis, Praetor Vul'arta, Primeval Dragon, Siege Captain Caliga, Sirenis the Accuser, Spymaster Zerrick, Storm Cage, Sturiax the Burning Sky, Temple Guardian, The Stygian Warden, Thunder Dragon
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