The Stolen Lance

RequirementsFall of the Outcasts
Min Corruption0
Max Corruption50
Max Stability500
Blessings (slot 1)
Blessings (slots 2 & 3)
Blessings (any slot)
Arrogance of ArgentusArrogance of Argentus
10% to 20% Increased Helmet Drop Rate
Embrace of IceEmbrace of Ice
10% to 20% Increased Body Armour Drop Rate
Grip of the LanceGrip of the Lance
15% to 30% Increased Gloves Drop Rate
Right of ConquestRight of Conquest
15% to 30% Increased Boots Drop Rate
Reach of FlameReach of Flame
15% to 30% Increased Off-Hand Catalyst Drop Rate
Binds of SanctuaryBinds of Sanctuary
15% to 30% Increased Shield Drop Rate
Slumber of MorditasSlumber of Morditas
12% to 25% Increased Relic Drop Rate
Talon of GranduerTalon of Granduer
15% to 30% Increased Ring Drop Rate
Vision of the AuroraVision of the Aurora
15% to 30% Increased Amulet Drop Rate
Might of the SiegeMight of the Siege
15% to 30% Increased Belt Drop Rate
Apex of FortuneApex of Fortune
15% to 30% Increased Quiver Drop Rate
RequirementsFinish level 90 timelines
Min Corruption100
Max Corruption-
Max Stability1600
Blessings (slot 1)
Blessings (slots 2 & 3)
Blessings (any slot)
Grand Arrogance of ArgentusGrand Arrogance of Argentus
22% to 50% Increased Helmet Drop Rate
Grand Embrace of IceGrand Embrace of Ice
22% to 50% Increased Body Armour Drop Rate
Grand Grip of the LanceGrand Grip of the Lance
35% to 75% Increased Gloves Drop Rate
Grand Right of ConquestGrand Right of Conquest
35% to 75% Increased Boots Drop Rate
Grand Reach of FlameGrand Reach of Flame
35% to 75% Increased Off-Hand Catalyst Drop Rate
Grand Binds of SanctuaryGrand Binds of Sanctuary
35% to 75% Increased Shield Drop Rate
Grand Slumber of MorditasGrand Slumber of Morditas
30% to 60% Increased Relic Drop Rate
Grand Talon of GranduerGrand Talon of Granduer
35% to 75% Increased Ring Drop Rate
Grand Vision of the AuroraGrand Vision of the Aurora
35% to 75% Increased Amulet Drop Rate
Grand Might of the SiegeGrand Might of the Siege
35% to 75% Increased Belt Drop Rate
Grand Apex of FortuneGrand Apex of Fortune
41% to 60% Increased Quiver Drop Rate
Boss Fight & Loot
God Hunter Argentus(Damage Types: Physical, Fire, Cold)
Shard of the Shattered Lance
One-Handed Sword
Set Broken Sword
Range 1.9
Base Attack Rate 1.1
  • +14 Melee Physical Damage
  • 100% Chance to gain Deicide for 15 seconds when you kill a rare or boss enemy
  • +(70 to 85) Melee Cold Damage
  • +(70% to 100%) increased Melee Cold Damage
  • +(100% to 150%) Freeze Rate Multiplier
  • +(5 to 10) Health Regen
Set Modifiers
  • 2 Set:
    15% Increased Melee Cold Damage per 10 Health Regen
Dreams of deicide reflected in ice.
Dropped By:
God Hunter Argentus (common, 50% chance)Requires Level 68
Fragments of the Shattered Lance
Set Splintered Haft
  • +(3 to 4) Health Regen
  • +(70% to 100%) increased Health Regen
  • +(40% to 80%) Freeze Rate Multiplier
  • 10 to 13 Health Gain on Cull
  • +(50% to 70%) increased Melee Cold Damage
Set Modifiers
  • 2 Set:
    15% Increased Melee Cold Damage per 10 Health Regen
Crafted in desperation, seized with ambition.
Dropped By:
God Hunter Argentus (common, 50% chance)Requires Level 65
Throne of Ambition
Adorned Idol
Unique Adorned Silver Idol
  • You gain a stack of Ambition when you hit a boss or rare enemy (1 second cooldown)
  • 20% increased Fire Damage per stack of Ambition
  • 20% increased Cold Damage per stack of Ambition
  • 20% increased Armour per stack of Ambition
  • 20 Maximum Stacks of Ambition
  • You lose all stacks of Ambition if you go 4 seconds without gaining a stack
Argentus may have been born a mere slave of Rahyeh, but his ambition eclipsed even his god.
Dropped By:
God Hunter Argentus (rare)Requires Level 1
Wings of Argentus
Body Armour
Unique Gladiator Armor
  • +220 Armor
  • +(40% to 100%) increased Melee Fire Damage
  • +(40% to 100%) increased Melee Cold Damage
  • 40% Chance to gain Haste for 1 second on Hit
  • 40% less Damage Taken While Moving
  • +1 to Fire Melee Attacks
  • +1 to Cold Melee Attacks
Falter not before the fire nor the ice, but let your ambition be your wings and soar above them both.
Dropped By:
God Hunter Argentus (rare, empowered only)Requires Level 82
Exclusive Echo Rewards
Quest #Quest 1
ZoneWengari Stronghold
descriptionIn this timeline, Osprix forces interfere with the retrieval of the Lance of Heorot. Race Rahyeh's forces to claim the Blessed Horn.
Stability (normal)50
Stability (empowered)150
Quest #Quest 2
ZoneThe Siege of Farwood
descriptionIn this timeline, Osprix forces interfere with the retrieval of the Lance of Heorot. Rahyeh's forces approach the Lance of Heorot. Stop them before they can take it.
Stability (normal)200
Stability (empowered)400
Quest #Quest 3
ZoneArgentum Spire
descriptionIn this timeline, Osprix forces interfere with the retrieval of the Lance of Heorot and take it for themselves. Defeat God Hunter Argentus and reclaim the Lance of Heorot.
Stability (normal)350
Stability (empowered)800
ModifierMin EchoesMax Echoes
enemies have +15% to all resistances.0-
enemies have a 70% chance to shred armour on hit0-
enemies heal if they have not been damaged recently0-
enemies have 20% critical strike avoidance and 20% increased health0-
enemies have +25% critical strike chance0-
enemies deal 12% increased damage and have 100% increased critical strike chance0-
enemies have 15% increased movement speed and damage0-
enemies are Deadly if they have not been damaged recently0-
enemies have a chance to dodge0-
enemies enrage at half health0-
enemies have 25% increased health and focus on attacking players0-
enemies gain Frenzy and Haste when hit0-
enemies have a 35% chance to receive a Glancing Blow when hit0-
enemies have 25% increased health and damage0-
enemies deal 25% increased damage0-
enemies have 30% increased health0-
enemies deal 50% increased physical damage0-
Rare enemies have 40% increased cooldown recovery speed0-
Rare enemies have high speed and crit chance until approached0-
Rare enemies have 60% increased health and damage0-
Rare enemies regenerate health0-
Rare enemies have 100% shock chance0-
enemies have a 15% chance to chill on hit0-
enemies deal 50% increased elemental damage0-
enemies have a 12% chance to slow on hit0-
High health enemies deal 30% increased damage0-
High health enemies take 25% less damage0-
Enemies have 30% Endurance0-
Zones & Enemies
ZonesAlpine Halls, Autumnal Grove, Autumnal Highlands, Barren Slums, Boreal Forest, Broken Hills, Burning Forest, Burning Harbour, Coastal Village, Forest Trails, Frigid Hinterland, Frozen Tunnels, Frozen Woodland, Hidden Oasis, Lakeside Trail, Midnight Strand, Mountain Aerie, Solarum Ascent, Storm Swept Isle, Verdant Outskirts, Volcanic City, Willow Marsh
Arena ZonesAirborne Arena, Ancient Arena, Heorot's Arena, Lagonian Arena, Lakeside Arena, Magma Arena, Solarum Arena
Common EnemiesAdrift Meruna, Archyrean, Ascendant Embermage, Bitterwing, Cave Bear, Cave Lurker, Cave Scorpion, Chitid, Covenant of Dominion, Crabling, Crested Ascendant, Crystal Golem, Deep Chyrean, Desert Skullen, Desert Spitter, Desert Stinger, Dryad Guardian, Dusk Spider, Eber, Emerald Nagasa, Flame Gryphon, Frostmaw, Giant Rat, Giant Scorpion, Glade Chyrean, Gulamander, Highland Bear, Hiveless Phrax, Hulking Overgrowth, Ice Elemental, Ice Golem, Ice Weaver, Jewelled Skuttler, Jewelled Weaver, Lake Beetle, Lithrac, Lumoraan, Magma Gorn, Marsh Beetle, Meruna Ogre, Meruna Siren, Oasian Gorn, Osprix Lightmage, Osprix Raider, Osprix Vanguard, Osprix Warrior, Phrax, Ravenous Undergrowth, Rime Giant, Ruby Captain Arjani, Ruby Nagasa, Rustland Stalker, Sapphiral, Sapphire Nagasa, Scalebane Bandit, Scalebane Rogue, Scalebane Sorcerer, Scarab, Shell Hound, Silver Elemental, Skalnir Mercenary, Skittering Undergrowth, Skullen, Skullen Chucker, Skullen Pyromancer, Skullen Shaman, Sleet Weaver, Smoldering Lithrac, Solar Ascendant, Solar Auxiliary, Spine Hunter, Starving Myrcfoot, Storm Wisp, Thuluraan, Tundra Stalker, Umber Wolf, Venom Weaver, Vine Walker, Volatile 'Maw, Volatile 'Maw, Wengari Berserker, Wengari Brute, Wengari Hound, Wengari Outrider, Wengari Raider, Wengari Shaman, Winged Fire, Winternid
Rare EnemiesCrystal Elemental, Giant Crab, Gold Elemental, Gorgon, Ice Goliath, Lightning Elemental, Marsh Beetle Queen, Osprix Zealot, Scalebane Saboteur, Scalebane Swarmkeeper, Storm Crawler, Stormthrower Zael, Wengari Beastmaster, Wengari Matriarch, Wengari Patriarch, Wengari Raid Leader
Very Rare EnemiesDiamond Matron, Siege Golem, Spine Hunter Alpha
BossesArgolos The Blessed, Crystal Lotus, Haruspex Orian, Orchirian The Rampant, Pontifex Aurelus, Primeval Dragon (Monolith), Scalebane Swarmkeeper, Spreading Frost, Stormthrower Zael, The Frostroot Warden