The Age of Winter

RequirementsReign of Dragons
Min Corruption0
Max Corruption50
Max Stability1000
Blessings (slot 1)
Resolve of GraelResolve of Grael
+(25% to 40%) Physical Resistance
Protection of HeorotProtection of Heorot
+(25% to 40%) Cold Resistance
Vigor of JormunVigor of Jormun
+(40 to 70) Endurance Threshold
Blessings (slots 2 & 3)
Maw of ArtorMaw of Artor
+(40% to 60%) Chance to apply Frostbite on Hit
Winds of FrostWinds of Frost
+(30% to 50%) Freeze Rate per stack of Chill
Rage of WinterRage of Winter
+(10% to 20%) Chance to Shred Cold Resistance on Hit
Fury of the NorthFury of the North
+(10% to 20%) Chance to Shred Physical Resistance on Hit
Heart of IceHeart of Ice
+(20% to 35%) Chance to Chill on Hit
Bones of EternityBones of Eternity
+(300 to 450) Block Effectiveness
Bulwark of the TundraBulwark of the Tundra
+(15% to 35%) increased Armor
Defiance of YuliaDefiance of Yulia
+(5 to 10) Spell Cold Damage While Channelling
Blessings (any slot)
RequirementsFinish level 90 timelines
Min Corruption100
Max Corruption-
Max Stability1800
Blessings (slot 1)
Grand Resolve of GraelGrand Resolve of Grael
+(45% to 75%) Physical Resistance
Grand Protection of HeorotGrand Protection of Heorot
+(45% to 75%) Cold Resistance
Grand Vigor of JormunGrand Vigor of Jormun
+(80 to 150) Endurance Threshold
Blessings (slots 2 & 3)
Grand Maw of ArtorGrand Maw of Artor
+(65% to 100%) Chance to apply Frostbite on Hit
Grand Winds of FrostGrand Winds of Frost
+(55% to 80%) Freeze Rate per stack of Chill
Grand Rage of WinterGrand Rage of Winter
+(25% to 50%) Chance to Shred Cold Resistance on Hit
Grand Fury of the NorthGrand Fury of the North
+(25% to 50%) Chance to Shred Physical Resistance on Hit
Grand Heart of IceGrand Heart of Ice
+(40% to 60%) Chance to Chill on Hit
Grand Bones of EternityGrand Bones of Eternity
+(500 to 800) Block Effectiveness
Grand Bulwark of the TundraGrand Bulwark of the Tundra
+(40% to 70%) increased Armor
Grand Defiance of YuliaGrand Defiance of Yulia
+(11 to 20) Spell Cold Damage While Channelling
Blessings (any slot)
Boss Fight & Loot
Heorot(Damage Types: Physical, Cold)
Reign of Winter
Rogue Bow
Unique Longbow
Base Attack Rate 0.92
  • +60 Bow Damage
  • +(30 to 50) Bow Cold Damage
  • +(30 to 50) Spell Cold Damage
  • +(5% to 9%) Cold Penetration
  • 23% to 28% Chance to cast Icicle on Bow Hit
  • +(10 to 15) Attunement
Cast a shard of ice in the direction of your bow attack.
Base Damage: 100 Cold
Scaling Tags: Cold, Spell, Attunement, Dexterity
“For us to survive, others must suffer. One day you will accept this truth.” -Morditas, forsaken son of Heorot.
Dropped By:
Heorot (common, 50% chance)Requires Level 70 Rogue
Call of the Tundra
Unique Gladiator Helmet
  • +130 Armor
  • +(1 to 4) to Warcry
  • Warcry is Converted to Cold
  • Warcry no longer knocks enemies back
  • +(80 to 100) Health
  • +(10 to 18) Health Regen
  • 10 to 18 Health Gain on Cull
  • +(10 to 18) Melee Cold Damage
Unleash a mighty roar that knocks back nearby enemies and stuns them for 1.5 seconds. Rares and bosses are stunned for half as long.
Scaling Tags: Attunement
Jormun slew the great wyverns of Farwood at Heorot's behest, freezing them with his shouts and shattering them with his blades.
Dropped By:
Heorot (common, 50% chance)Requires Level 74
Yulia's Path
Unique Heoborean Boots
  • +30 Armor
  • +(15% to 18%) increased Movement Speed
  • +(10% to 40%) Cold Resistance
  • 41% to 114% Increased Healing Effectiveness
  • +(10% to 40%) Fire Resistance
  • +(10% to 40%) Necrotic Resistance
  • +(11% to 14%) Endurance
  • +(14% to 18%) increased Movement Speed
  • +100% of Maelstrom base damage converted to Necrotic
  • when Maelstrom is cast from any source your minions gain +(2 to 4) melee necrotic damage for the maximum duration of the Maelstrom
Between loyalty and opression, hope and tyranny, the path of wisdom must be found.
Dropped By:
Heorot (rare)Requires Level 79
Faith of the Frozen
Unique Frostbound Shield
  • +17% Block Chance
  • +(400 to 460) Block Effectiveness
  • +(75% to 150%) Freeze Rate Multiplier
  • 15 to 20 Health Gain on Cull
  • 15 to 20 Health Gain on Block
  • +75% Cold Resistance
  • 20% to 15% less Cold Damage Taken on Block
  • +(75% to 150%) Freeze Rate Multiplier
Found among the frozen corpses in the wake of Morditas' wrath. Runes etched into the handle read "Heorot protect us".
Dropped By:
Heorot (rare, empowered only)Requires Level 84
Exclusive Echo Rewards
Quest #Quest 1
ZoneThe Frozen Fortress
descriptionIn this timeline, Heorot has slain Rahyeh. In the wake of his victory, he has unleashed an unending winter on the world and marches upon his rivals.
Stability (normal)50
Stability (empowered)150
Quest #Quest 2
ZoneThe Frozen Harbour
descriptionIn this timeline, Heorot has slain Rahyeh. Grael has led an army of Heoborean warriors to Thetima under Heorot’s orders, leaving nothing but destruction in his wake.
Stability (normal)350
Stability (empowered)550
Quest #Quest 3
ZoneThe Frozen Citadel
descriptionIn this timeline, Heorot has slain Rahyeh and brought destruction to the people of Solarum, cementing his victory in ice. He must be stopped.
Stability (normal)650
Stability (empowered)900
enemies have +15% to all resistances.
enemies have a 70% chance to shred armour on hit
enemies have 20% critical strike avoidance and 20% increased health
enemies deal 12% increased damage and have 100% increased critical strike chance
enemies have 15% increased movement speed and damage
enemies enrage at half health
enemies have 25% increased health and focus on attacking players
enemies have a 35% chance to receive a Glancing Blow when hit
enemies have 25% increased health and damage
enemies deal 25% increased damage
enemies have 30% increased health
enemies have a 15% chance to chill on hit
enemies deal 50% increased elemental damage
enemies have a 12% chance to slow on hit
High health enemies deal 30% increased damage
High health enemies take 25% less damage
Enemies have 30% Endurance
Zones & Enemies
ZonesAlpine Halls, Autumnal Grove, Autumnal Highlands, Boreal Forest, Broken Hills, Burning Forest, Burning Harbour, Coastal Village, Forest Trails, Frigid Hinterland, Frozen Tunnels, Frozen Woodland, Lakeside Trail, Midnight Strand, Mountain Aerie, Sapphire Refuge, Solarum Ascent, Storm Swept Isle, Verdant Outskirts, Volcanic City, Willow Marsh
Arena ZonesAirborne Arena, Ancient Arena, Heorot's Arena, Lagonian Arena, Lakeside Arena, Magma Arena, Solarum Arena
Common EnemiesAdrift Meruna, Ascendant Embermage, Bitterwing, Cave Bear, Cave Lurker, Cave Scorpion, Chitid, Covenant of Dominion, Crabling, Crested Ascendant, Crystal Golem, Dryad Guardian, Dusk Spider, Eastern Archyrean, Eastern Chyrean, Eber, Emerald Nagasa, Flame Gryphon, Frostmaw, Giant Rat, Gulamander, Heoborean Archer, Heoborean Warrior, Highland Bear, Hulking Overgrowth, Ice Elemental, Ice Golem, Ice Weaver, Jahith Bear, Jewelled Skuttler, Jewelled Weaver, Lake Beetle, Lithrac, Lumoraan, Marsh Beetle, Meruna Ogre, Meruna Siren, Oasian Gorn, Osprix Lightmage, Osprix Raider, Osprix Vanguard, Osprix Warrior, Phrax, Ravenous Undergrowth, Rime Giant, Rotfly, Ruby Captain Arjani, Rustland Stalker, Sapphiral, Sapphire Nagasa, Scalebane Bandit, Scalebane Rogue, Scalebane Sorcerer, Shell Hound, Silver Elemental, Skalnir Mercenary, Skittering Undergrowth, Skullen, Skullen Chucker, Skullen Shaman, Sleet Weaver, Solar Ascendant, Solar Auxiliary, Spine Hunter, Starving Myrcfoot, Storm Wisp, Thuluraan, Tundra Stalker, Ulatri Scavenger, Umber Wolf, Venom Weaver, Vine Walker, Volatile 'Maw, Volatile 'Maw, Wengari Berserker, Wengari Brute, Wengari Hound, Wengari Outrider, Wengari Raider, Wengari Shaman, Winged Fire, Winternid
Rare EnemiesGiant Crab, Gold Elemental, Gorgon, Ice Goliath, Lightning Elemental, Marsh Beetle Queen, Osprix Zealot, Scalebane Guild Leader (Monolith), Scalebane Saboteur, Scalebane Swarmkeeper, Storm Crawler, Stormthrower Zael, Wengari Beastmaster, Wengari Matriarch, Wengari Patriarch, Wengari Raid Leader
Very Rare EnemiesDiamond Matron, Siege Golem, Spine Hunter Alpha
BossesArchitect Liath (Monolith), Argolos The Blessed, Crystal Lotus, Emerald Assassin Vi'rua, Grael, Haruspex Orian, Orchirian The Rampant, Primeval Dragon (Monolith), Scalebane Guild Leader (Monolith), Scalebane Swarmkeeper, Spreading Frost, Stormthrower Zael, The Frostroot Warden, Thunder Dragon