Ending the Storm

RequirementsThe Black Sun | Blood, Frost, and Death
Min Corruption0
Max Corruption50
Max Stability750
Blessings (slot 1)
Bastion of DivinityBastion of Divinity
+(25% to 40%) Lightning Resistance
Light of the MoonLight of the Moon
+(30 to 50) Mana
Rhythm of the TideRhythm of the Tide
+(60% to 100%) increased Health Regen
Blessings (slots 2 & 3)
Chaos of LagonChaos of Lagon
+(40% to 60%) increased Lightning Damage
Might of the Sea TItanMight of the Sea TItan
+(40% to 60%) increased Cold Damage
Resonance of the SeaResonance of the Sea
+(10 to 19) Ward per Second
Mysteries of the DeepMysteries of the Deep
+(10% to 20%) Chance to Shred Lightning Resistance on Hit
Cruelty of the MerunaCruelty of the Meruna
+(40% to 60%) Chance to Shock on Hit
Weight of the AbyssWeight of the Abyss
+(100% to 180%) Freeze Rate Multiplier
Crash of the WavesCrash of the Waves
50% to 90% Increased Stun Chance
Trance of the SirensTrance of the Sirens
5% to 9% Increased Shock Effect
Intellect of LiathIntellect of Liath
15% to 25% Chance to Gain 30 Ward when Hit
Grace of WaterGrace of Water
40 to 70 Ward Gained on Potion Use
Blessings (any slot)
RequirementsFinish level 90 timelines
Min Corruption100
Max Corruption-
Max Stability1700
Blessings (slot 1)
Grand Bastion of DivinityGrand Bastion of Divinity
+(45% to 75%) Lightning Resistance
Grand Light of the MoonGrand Light of the Moon
+(51 to 80) Mana
Grand Rhythm of the TideGrand Rhythm of the Tide
+(120% to 200%) increased Health Regen
Blessings (slots 2 & 3)
Grand Chaos of LagonGrand Chaos of Lagon
+(65% to 100%) increased Lightning Damage
Grand Might of the Sea TItanGrand Might of the Sea TItan
+(65% to 100%) increased Cold Damage
Grand Resonance of the SeaGrand Resonance of the Sea
+(20 to 30) Ward per Second
Grand Mysteries of the DeepGrand Mysteries of the Deep
+(25% to 50%) Chance to Shred Lightning Resistance on Hit
Grand Cruelty of the MerunaGrand Cruelty of the Meruna
+(65% to 100%) Chance to Shock on Hit
Grand Weight of the AbyssGrand Weight of the Abyss
+(200% to 300%) Freeze Rate Multiplier
Grand Crash of the WavesGrand Crash of the Waves
100% to 160% Increased Stun Chance
Grand Trance of the SirensGrand Trance of the Sirens
10% to 16% Increased Shock Effect
Grand Intellect of LiathGrand Intellect of Liath
30% to 50% Chance to Gain 30 Ward when Hit
Grand Grace of WaterGrand Grace of Water
80 to 130 Ward Gained on Potion Use
Blessings (any slot)
Boss Fight & Loot
Lagon(Damage Types: Physical, Cold, Lightning)
Two-Handed Sword
Unique Flamberge
Range 2.4
Base Attack Rate 1.1
  • +90 Melee Physical Damage
  • +(30 to 62) Melee Cold Damage
  • +(30 to 62) Melee Lightning Damage
  • +(46 to 62) Adaptive Spell Damage
  • +(20% to 40%) Cold Resistance
  • +(20% to 40%) Lightning Resistance
  • 100% Chance to cast Tidal Wave when you use a Melee Attack (2 second cooldown)
Alluvion Wave
A wave of crashing water dealing spell cold damage in a wide area. Added spell damage is applied at 400% effectiveness.
Base Damage: 80 Cold
Scaling Tags: Cold, Spell, Intelligence, Attunement
Waves woven into steel.
Dropped By:
Lagon (common, 50% chance)Requires Level 72
Coral Aegis
Unique Meruna Shell
  • +23% Block Chance
  • +(325 to 425) Block Effectiveness
  • +(45% to 75%) increased Melee Physical Damage
  • +(30% to 43%) Lightning Resistance
  • 35% to 30% less Lightning Damage Taken on Block
  • 300% to 430% Chance to Shock Attackers
  • 50% to 80% Increased Stun Duration
  • 8 to 12 Health Gain on Stun
As storms scour the land, the sea swells and flourishes.
Dropped By:
Lagon (common, 50% chance)Requires Level 70
Stormcarved Testament
Unique Stone Tablet
  • +(36% to 44%) Physical Resistance
  • +6 Spell Lightning Damage for you and your Totems
  • +12% Lightning Penetration for you and your Totems
  • +(60 to 94)% Shock Chance for you and your Totems
  • +(36 to 44)% Lightning Resistance for You and Your Totems
  • +(60 to 94) Mana
  • 12% Chance to summon a Storm Totem on hit (8 second cooldown)
  • +6 Attunement
In ancient times it was believed that the will of Lagon could be gleaned from the patterns burned into the stones of the Scoured Reefs, and studied them at great length. Yet a wild storm needs no reason to strike where it does and the inscrutable stones were dismissed by later storm priests, who claimed it did not befit surface dwellers to decipher their god's purposes or designs.
Dropped By:
Lagon (rare)Requires Level 78
Eye of Storms
Unique Brass Amulet
  • +(5% to 15%) increased Cast Speed
  • +(33% to 45%) Cold Resistance
  • +(33% to 45%) Lightning Resistance
  • +(33% to 45%) Chance to cast Maelstrom every 5 seconds
  • 6% to 8% Increased Lightning Damage per Active Maelstrom
  • +(10 to 18) Melee Lightning Damage
Surrounds you with a freezing Maelstrom that deals cold damage over time to nearby enemies. Can be cast repeatedly to create multiple maelstroms at once. Each Maelstrom lasts 7 seconds.
Base Damage: 6 Cold
Scaling Tags: Cold, Spell, DoT, Attunement
Torrential rain falls upon a dark and churning sea to the deafening sound of thunder and waves. The moon gleams from above and Lagon gazes from below as the centuries pass.
Dropped By:
Lagon (rare, empowered only)Requires Level 85
Exclusive Echo Rewards
Quest #Quest 1
ZoneDrowned Thetima
descriptionIn this timeline, Lagon is attacked by Rahyeh’s forces and driven to unleash a storm on the coast to destroy his enemies, but also his own people in the process. Save survivors in a flooded, Meruna infested Thetima.
Stability (normal)50
Stability (empowered)150
Quest #Quest 2
ZoneIsland Battlefield
descriptionIn this timeline, Lagon is attacked by Rahyeh’s forces and driven to unleash a storm on the coast to destroy his enemies, but also his own people in the process. Find a way into Lagon’s temple in the aftermath of the failed Osprix invasion of Lagon’s Isle.
Stability (normal)250
Stability (empowered)500
Quest #Quest 3
ZoneEye of the Storm
descriptionIn this timeline, Lagon is attacked by Rahyeh’s forces and driven to unleash a storm on the coast to destroy his enemies, but also his own people in the process. Slay Lagon to end the storm.
Stability (normal)450
Stability (empowered)850
ModifierMin EchoesMax Echoes
enemies have +15% to all resistances.0-
enemies have a 70% chance to shred armour on hit0-
enemies have 20% critical strike avoidance and 20% increased health0-
enemies have +25% critical strike chance0-
enemies deal 12% increased damage and have 100% increased critical strike chance0-
enemies have 15% increased movement speed and damage0-
enemies enrage at half health0-
enemies have 25% increased health and focus on attacking players0-
enemies have a 35% chance to receive a Glancing Blow when hit0-
enemies have 25% increased health and damage0-
enemies deal 25% increased damage0-
enemies deal 50% increased physical damage0-
Rare enemies have 40% increased cooldown recovery speed0-
Rare enemies have high speed and crit chance until approached0-
Rare enemies have 60% increased health and damage0-
Rare enemies have 100% shock chance0-
Rare enemies regenerate health0-
enemies have a 15% chance to chill on hit0-
enemies deal 50% increased elemental damage0-
enemies have a 12% chance to slow on hit0-
enemies have 30% increased health0-
High health enemies deal 30% increased damage0-
High health enemies take 25% less damage0-
Enemies have 30% Endurance0-
Zones & Enemies
ZonesAlpine Halls, Autumnal Grove, Autumnal Highlands, Boreal Forest, Broken Hills, Burning Forest, Burning Harbour, Coastal Village, Forest Trails, Frigid Hinterland, Frozen Tunnels, Frozen Woodland, Hidden Oasis, Lakeside Trail, Midnight Strand, Mountain Aerie, Solarum Ascent, Storm Swept Isle, Verdant Outskirts, Volcanic City, Willow Marsh
Arena ZonesAirborne Arena, Ancient Arena, Heorot's Arena, Lagonian Arena, Lakeside Arena, Magma Arena, Solarum Arena
Common EnemiesAdrift Meruna, Ahuizotl, Archyrean, Ascendant Embermage, Bitterwing, Cave Bear, Cave Lurker, Cave Scorpion, Chitid, Covenant of Dominion, Crabling, Crested Ascendant, Crystal Golem, Deep Chyrean, Desert Skullen, Desert Spitter, Desert Stinger, Dryad Guardian, Dusk Spider, Eber, Emerald Nagasa, Flame Gryphon, Frostmaw, Giant Rat, Giant Scorpion, Glade Chyrean, Gulamander, Highland Bear, Hiveless Phrax, Hulking Overgrowth, Ice Elemental, Ice Weaver, Jewelled Skuttler, Jewelled Weaver, Lake Beetle, Lithrac, Lumoraan, Magma Gorn, Marsh Beetle, Meruna Ogre, Meruna Siren, Oasian Gorn, Oasis Gulamander, Osprix Lightmage, Osprix Raider, Osprix Vanguard, Osprix Warrior, Phrax, Ravenous Undergrowth, Rime Giant, Ruby Captain Arjani, Ruby Nagasa, Rustland Stalker, Sapphiral, Sapphire Nagasa, Scalebane Bandit, Scalebane Rogue, Scalebane Sorcerer, Scarab, Shell Hound, Silver Elemental, Skalnir Mercenary, Skittering Undergrowth, Skullen, Skullen Chucker, Skullen Pyromancer, Skullen Shaman, Sleet Weaver, Smoldering Lithrac, Solar Ascendant, Solar Auxiliary, Spine Hunter, Starving Myrcfoot, Storm Wisp, Thuluraan, Tundra Stalker, Umber Wolf, Venom Weaver, Vine Walker, Volatile 'Maw, Volatile 'Maw, Wengari Berserker, Wengari Brute, Wengari Hound, Wengari Outrider, Wengari Raider, Wengari Shaman, Winged Fire, Winternid
Rare EnemiesCrystal Elemental, Giant Crab, Gold Elemental, Gorgon, Ice Goliath, Lightning Elemental, Marsh Beetle Queen, Osprix Zealot, Scalebane Bodyguard, Scalebane Saboteur, Scalebane Swarmkeeper, Scarab Brood Keeper, Storm Crawler, Stormthrower Zael, Wengari Beastmaster, Wengari Matriarch, Wengari Patriarch, Wengari Raid Leader
Very Rare EnemiesDiamond Matron, Siege Golem, Spine Hunter Alpha
BossesAdmiral Harton, Argolos The Blessed, Crystal Lotus, Haruspex Orian, Orchirian The Rampant, Pontifex Aurelus, Primeval Dragon (Monolith), Scalebane Swarmkeeper, Spreading Frost, Stormthrower Zael, The Frostroot Warden