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Shard Name
Drop Chance
Added Health05.23%
Added Armor04.69%
Added Dodge Rating03.61%
Necrotic Resistance193.61%
Poison Resistance103.61%
Void Resistance63.61%
Elemental Resistance272.89%
Added Stun Avoidance132.89%
Physical Resistance02.04%
Cold Resistance81.8%
Fire Resistance01.8%
Lightning Resistance01.8%
Added Block Chance01.44%
Increased Elemental Damage81.44%
Increased Physical Damage01.44%
Increased Bow Damage01.26%
Chance To Chill Attackers161.15%
Added Block Effectiveness01.08%
Added Mana01.08%
Health Regen01.08%
Increased Minion Damage01.08%
Increased Spell Damage01.08%
Minion Health61.08%
Health On Kill00.9%
Health On Melee Hit00.9%
Spell Damage and Mana Cost00.85%
Increased Melee Damage00.83%
Ward On Potion Use100.79%
Increased Mana Regen00.78%
All Attributes130.72%
Chance To Slow Attackers160.72%
Critical Strike Avoidance360.72%
Increased Throwing Attack Damage00.72%
Less Damage Taken from Critical Strikes360.72%
Increased Bow Attack Speed00.72%
Throwing Attack Damage and Mana Cost60.72%
Hybrid Health450.72%
Freeze Rate Multiplier and Cold Resistance150.67%
Freeze Rate Multiplier100.54%
Melee Health Leech100.5%
Increased Cast Speed00.43%
Health Gained on Block150.36%
Added Critical Strike Multiplier200.36%
Added Melee Cold Damage00.36%
Added Melee Crit Chance00.36%
Added Melee Fire Damage00.36%
Added Melee Lightning Damage00.36%
Added Melee Physical Damage00.36%
Added Melee Void Damage00.36%
Chance To Bleed00.36%
Chance To Blind50.36%
Chance To Chill00.36%
Chance To Ignite00.36%
Chance To Poison130.36%
Chance To Shock200.36%
Chance To Slow00.36%
Ignite Chance on Potion Use450.36%
Increased Armour140.36%
Increased Chance To Find Potions50.36%
Increased Cold Damage00.36%
Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed100.36%
Increased Critical Strike Chance00.36%
Increased Damage Over Time00.36%
Increased Dodge Rating160.36%
Increased Fire Damage00.36%
Increased Healing Effectiveness150.36%
Increased Health Regen00.36%
Increased Lightning Damage00.36%
Increased Melee Attack Speed00.36%
Increased Melee Stun Chance00.36%
Increased Movement Speed00.36%
Increased Necrotic Damage60.36%
Increased Poison Damage110.36%
Armour Shred Chance270.36%
Increased Spell Crit Chance150.36%
Increased Stun Chance00.36%
Increased Throwing Attack Speed170.36%
Increased Void Damage150.36%
Mana Efficiency00.36%
Minion Dodge Rating300.36%
Minion Health Regen130.36%
Percent Damage Reflected230.36%
Potion Health Converted to Ward350.36%
Less Damage Taken on Block00.36%
Melee Frailty Chance250.36%
Frailty Chance250.36%
Added Bow Physical Damage00.36%
Increased Minion Melee Damage180.36%
Hybrid Health Leech180.36%
Adaptive Spell Damage For Swords150.22%
Increased Health250.18%
Increased Minion Physical Damage100.18%
Necrotic Penetration420.18%
Poison Penetration420.18%
Void Penetration420.18%
Increased Minion Damage Over Time480.18%
Increased Elemental Damage Over Time500.18%
Increased Minion Spell Damage220.18%
Damage While Channelling380.18%
All Resistances While Channelling460.18%
Added Bow Fire Damage00.18%
Lightning Damage And Leech180.18%
Chance To Shock Attackers330.14%
Hybrid Stun Avoidance130.14%
Throwing Damage And Fire Vulnerability420.14%
Physical Penetration420.11%
Fire Penetration420.11%
Cold Penetration420.11%
Lightning Penetration420.11%
Endurance Threshold240.11%
Block Chance and Effectiveness130.11%
Damage Dealt To Mana400.072%
Dodge Rating on Potion Use350.072%
All Resistances550.072%
Increased Mana00.072%
Extra Potion Slot And Potion Health150.072%
Ward Gained on Kill400.036%
Primalist Totem Adaptive Spell Damage530.007%
Primalist Cooldown Recovery Speed While Transformed430.007%
Primalist Minion Crit Multiplier360.007%
Primalist Minion Spell Crit Chance410.007%
Primalist Criti Multi While Transformed480.007%
Mage Frostbite Effect340.007%
Freeze Rate Per Stack of Chill420.007%
Primalist Totem Increased Cast Speed270.007%
Primalist Minion Melee Leech290.007%
Primalist Minion Chance To Bleed On Hit360.007%
Primalist Minion Melee Crit Chance460.007%
Primalist Melee Damage While Transformed280.007%
Primalist Spell Damage While Transformed390.007%
Primalist Damage Over Time While Transformed410.007%
Primalist Increased Totem Crit Chance 570.007%
Primalist Increased Aspect Of The Shark Effect290.007%
Primalist Increased Aspect Of The Boar Duration360.007%
Primalist Increased Aspect Of The Viper Effect460.007%
Primalist Increased Aspect Of The Lynx Effect510.007%
Primalist Increased Totem Damage300.007%
Sentinel Increased Bleed Effect500.007%
Sentinel Melee Physical Damage If Wielding A Sword480.007%
Sentinel Chance To Bleed If Wielding An Axe410.007%
Sentinel Melee Physical Damage If Wielding A Mace570.007%
Sentinel Void Damage Taken As Physical340.007%
Sentinel Necrotic Damage Taken As Physical340.007%
Sentinel Poison Damage Taken As Physical340.007%
Sentinel Increased Throwing Attack Crit Chance480.007%
Sentinel Reduced Channel Cost360.007%
Sentinel Armor Shred Effect550.007%
Sentinel Increased Fire Damage Over Time320.007%
Sentinel Increased Void Damage Over Time320.007%
Sentinel Increased Echo Damage When A Skill Echoes600.007%
Sentinel Increased Abyssal Decay Duration430.007%
Sentinel Mana Gained On Vengeance Use120.007%
Sentinel Mana Gained On Rive Use120.007%
Sentinel Mana Gained On Smite Use230.007%
Sentinel Increased Hammer Throw Damage40.007%
Sentinel Increased Shield Throw Crit Chance180.007%
Sentinel Increased Smelters Wrath Damage500.007%
Mage Spell Crit Doubled Over 300 Max Mana480.007%
Mage Ward Per Second390.007%
Mage Adaptive Spell Damage While Channeling430.007%
Acolyte Minion Freeze Rate530.007%
Mage Lightning Crit Multi600.007%
Mage Spell Damage Leeched While Channeling460.007%
Mage Chance To Apply Frostbite With Cold Skills270.007%
Mage Increased Cold Damage Over Time250.007%
Mage Increased Fire Damage Over Time250.007%
Mage Increased Melee Elemental Damage360.007%
Mage Chance To Ignite With Fire Skills410.007%
Mage Chance To Shock With Lightning Skills410.007%
Mage Chance To Cast Fire Aura On Crit570.007%
Mage Increased Fire Aura Damage290.007%
Mage Chance To Gain Lightning Aegis When Hit430.007%
Mage Chance To Cast Fire Aura When Hit270.007%
Mage Chance To Cast Fire Aura On Kill With A Fire Skill290.007%
Mage Chance to Apply a Spark Charge on Melee Hit320.007%
Mage Mana Spent Gained as Ward390.007%
Acolyte Physical Damage While Transformed250.007%
Acolyte Necrotic Damage While Transformed250.007%
Acolyte Increased Skeleton Mages Damage450.007%
Acolyte Mana Gained On Harvest Use130.007%
Acolyte Leech With Harvest60.007%
Acolyte Minion Reflect250.007%
Acolyte Chance To Gain 20 Ward On Kill With Hungering Souls80.007%
Acolyte Spell Damage Per Skeleton Mage250.007%
Acolyte Chance To Apply Damned On Hit340.007%
Acolyte Damage Leeched As Health While Transformed270.007%
Acolyte Reduced Health Cost Of Spells130.007%
Acolyte Physical Spell Critical Strike Chance410.007%
Acolyte Chance To Cast Marrow Shards When You Cast Transplant130.007%
Rogue Ward Gained when you create a Shadow180.007%
Rogue Increased Damage of Shadows350.007%
Rogue Health Gained on Glancing Blow320.007%
Rogue Dodge Rating if Hit Recently250.007%
Rogue Crimson Shroud Chance on Melee Hit480.007%
Rogue Increased Critical Strike Chance per Equipped Sword410.007%
Rogue Increased Critical Strike Chance per Equipped Dagger410.007%
Rogue Chance to gain Dusk Shroud When Hit430.007%
Rogue Bleed Chance per Equipped Sword270.007%
Rogue Poison Chance per Equipped Dagger270.007%
Rogue Dusk Shroud Chance on Melee Hit360.007%
Rogue Added Physical Throwing Damage while dual wielding550.007%
Rogue Increased damage while wielding a sword290.007%
Rogue Increased damage while wielding a dagger290.007%
Rogue Increased damage while wielding a bow290.007%
Rogue Increased Ignite Effect550.007%
Rogue Increased Poison Duration550.007%
Rogue Increased Throwing Physical Damage410.007%
Rogue Chance to Shred Armour on Throwing Hit500.007%
Rogue Chance to Shred Armour on Melee Hit500.007%
Rogue Chance to Shred Armour on Bow Hit270.007%
Rogue Armour Shred Effect270.007%
Rogue Increased Armour Shred Duration270.007%
Rogue Chance to Ignite on Bow Hit550.007%
Rogue Chance to Slow on Bow Hit570.007%
Rogue Increased Shadow Daggers Effect550.007%
Rogue Increased Bow Elemental Damage270.007%
Rogue Chance to Bleed on Bow Hit270.007%
Rogue Increased Area with Cinder Strike's First Strike100.007%
Rogue Increased crit chance with Flurry40.007%
Rogue Physical penetration with Puncture50.007%
Rogue Increased Area with Detonating Arrow250.007%
Rogue Increased damage per arrow with Multishot250.007%
Rogue Increased Hail of Arrows Duration500.007%
Rogue Increased damage per active Shadow with Shadow Cascade250.007%
Rogue Bleed Chance with Shurikens140.007%
Rogue Added lightning damage with Shurikens40.007%
Rogue Increased Acid Flask Area40.007%
Rogue Increased Dancing Strikes Area250.007%
Rogue Mana efficiency with Synchronised Strike300.007%
Rogue Mana efficiency with Decoy130.007%
Rogue Ward gained on use with Smoke Bomb80.007%
Rogue Ward gained on use with Shift40.007%
Primalist Armour And Minion Armour270.007%
Primalist Shared Lightning Damage480.007%
Primalist Shared Cold Damage360.007%
Primalist Shared Bleed Duration340.007%
Primalist Shared Increased Spell Damage270.007%
Primalist Shared Increased Melee Damage480.007%
Sentinel Increased Physical Damage And Bleed Duration600.007%
Sentinel Increased Fire Damage And Ignite Duration550.007%
Sentinel Increased Void Damage And Added Spell Void Damage530.007%
Flame Ward Charge and Added Ward600.007%
Acolyte Shared Increased Fire Damage360.007%
Acolyte Shared Increased Necrotic Damage360.007%
Acolyte Shared Bleed Chance570.007%
Acolyte Shared Increased Bleed Duration570.007%
Acolyte Shared Bleed Effect570.007%
Acolyte Shared Physical Leech600.007%
Acolyte Poison Damage And Poison Resistance320.007%
Acolyte Shared Increased Crit Chance290.007%
Acolyte Increased Projectile Speed With Marrow Shards And Bone Nova450.007%
Acolyte Increased Damage With Rip Blood And Blood Splatter450.007%
Acolyte Critical Strike Chance For Skeletons And Skeleton Mages250.007%
Acolyte +1 Skeleton and Increased Skeleton Damage600.007%
Rogue Black Arrows dropped by Dark Quiver and Increased Bow Damage350.007%
Rogue Max Ballista and Increased Ballista Attack Speed180.007%
Rogue Mirages and Mana Efficiency with Lethal Mirage500.007%
Primalist Level of Swipe60.006%
Primalist Level of Summon Wolf40.006%
Primalist Level of Tornado250.006%
Primalist Level of Fury Leap40.006%
Primalist Level of Summon Thorn Totem40.006%
Primalist Level of Summon Spriggan300.006%
Primalist Level of Summon Frenzy Totem350.006%
Mage Level of Elemental Nova40.006%
Mage Level of Mana Strike60.006%
Mage Fireball Pierce Chance180.006%
Mage Level of Fireball70.006%
Mage Level of Glacier70.006%
Mage Level of Meteor250.006%
Mage Level of Teleport120.006%
Mage Level of Volcanic Orb170.006%
Mage Level of Black Hole500.006%
Primalist Level of Summon Bear250.006%
Mage Level of Static Orb40.006%
Mage Level of Lightning Blast40.006%
Primalist Level of Serpent Strike220.006%
Primalist Level of Entangling Roots250.006%
Sentinel Level of Anomaly500.006%
Sentinel Level of Warpath40.006%
Sentinel Level of Devouring Orb350.006%
Sentinel Level of Rive60.006%
Sentinel Level of Hammer Throw40.006%
Sentinel Level of Shield Rush120.006%
Sentinel Level of Volatile Reversal250.006%
Sentinel Level of Abyssal Echoes300.006%
Sentinel Level of Erasing Strike250.006%
Sentinel Level of Vengeance40.006%
Sentinel Level of Shield Throw170.006%
Acolyte Level of Summon Skeleton40.006%
Acolyte Level of Infernal Shade220.006%
Acolyte Level of Sacrifice300.006%
Mage Level of Focus220.006%
Acolyte Level of Aura Of Decay300.006%
Acolyte Level of Hungering Souls70.006%
Acolyte Level of Rip Blood40.006%
Acolyte Level of Summon Wraith250.006%
Acolyte Level of Summon Bone Golem120.006%
Acolyte Level of Wandering Spirits40.006%
Acolyte Level of Marrow Shards40.006%
Acolyte Level of Transplant130.006%
Mage Level of Flame Reave250.006%
Primalist Level of Summon Storm Totem250.006%
Acolyte Level of Soul Feast350.006%
Mage Level of Snap Freeze40.006%
Sentinel Level of Lunge40.006%
Sentinel Level of Rebuke70.006%
Primalist Level of Summon Sabertooth120.006%
Primalist Level of Summon Scorpion300.006%
Sentinel Level of Ring Of Shields250.006%
Acolyte Level of Harvest60.006%
Primalist Level of Eterra's Blessing70.006%
Sentinel Level of Judgement500.006%
Mage Level of Shatter Strike250.006%
Mage Level of Enchant Weapon300.006%
Primalist Level of Avalanche400.006%
Sentinel Level of Sigils Of Hope350.006%
Sentinel Level of Holy Aura250.006%
Primalist Level of Werebear Form250.006%
Sentinel Level of Smite220.006%
Sentinel Level of Manifest Armor350.006%
Sentinel Level of Forge Strike250.006%
Primalist Level of Spriggan Form350.006%
Acolyte Level of Reaper Form250.006%
Rogue Level of Acid Flask40.006%
Rogue Level of Shadow Cascade250.006%
Rogue Level of Flurry40.006%
Rogue Level of Shurikens40.006%
Rogue Level of Dancing Strikes250.006%
Rogue Level of Multishot250.006%
Rogue Level of Puncture50.006%
Rogue Level of Decoy120.006%
Rogue Level of Cinder Strike100.006%
Rogue Level of Detonating Arrow250.006%
Rogue Level of Hail of Arrows500.006%
Rogue Level of Shift40.006%
Rogue Level of Synchronized Strike300.006%
Primalist Level of Tempest Strike100.006%
Primalist Level of Ice Thorns40.006%
Acolyte Level of Summon Skeleton Mage250.006%
Mage Level of Static400.006%
Mage Level of Disintegrate350.006%
Primalist Level of Maelstrom170.006%
Primalist Level of Summon Raptor250.006%
Mage Level of Flame Ward90.006%
Primalist Level of Earthquake300.006%
Mage Level of Arcane Ascendance400.006%
Sentinel Level of Smelter's Wrath500.006%
Acolyte Level of Drain Life250.006%
Acolyte Level of Assemble Abomination600.006%
Acolyte Level of Spirit Plague170.006%
Acolyte Level of Bone Curse80.006%
Acolyte Level of Death Seal500.006%
Mage Level of Ice Barrage250.006%
Rogue Level of Dark Quiver350.006%
Sentinel Level of Shield Bash80.006%
Acolyte Level of Dread Shade500.006%
Mage Level of Firebrand500.006%
Rogue Level of Ballista170.006%
Rogue Level of Lethal Mirage500.006%
Rogue Level of Smoke Bomb70.006%
Primalist Level of Warcry140.006%
Mage Level of Surge550.006%